Saturday, August 20, 2022

A Fun-Filled Day

The Ridge

On Saturday, Aug. 20th I was up and out the door to clean and do our laundry by 7 o’clock. Bill was getting ready to leave for his day at the Saugeen Flyers club. He would be gone by the time I returned, with Black Beauty and the cargo trailer. He has been looking forward to it. 😊 I try to go for at least one of these events but this is where I get a bit shy. I have only met 3 of the guys and certainly don’t know their wives but as Bill says, what better way to get to know them?

New numbers on the machines will help
in our references back and forth as well as with the
repairman and customers

Kaitlyn is taking on this venture
seriously and seems like a great person
for the job!

So, after cleaning and getting our 2 loads washed, I left Kaitlyn a note about how nice the numbers on the machines look. She is proud of this venture and already has made improvements. No slight to Jamie, he has his hands full and she has taken this on as a bit of a hobby. With the boys at day camp all this week, she has had time to putter in there and I’ve noticed a huge difference.

What are you doing?
Do you want to walk or roll around?

Okay, I got my answer then. ♥♥

Back home, I spent time with Gibbs and we went for a walk down the road and into the front field. No turtles on the log today but Gibbs found a few places in the grass where he just had to lay and roll around. The scent of another critter, no doubt. Such a little goof! Then we played around the pool and he decided to jump in today to get his drinks. From one day to the next, he differs in his antics.

The water tastes better if you're standing in it, apparently

I packed the bean salad, drinks and place settings for both of us full well expecting Gibbs to start whining about me leaving. When I didn’t hear a peep and told him I was going to work (my nose grew a bit at the white lie), he gratefully took his peanut butter bone and sat in my chair to watch me leave. ♥♥♥ He melts my heart when he is so good.

this yellow butterfly was enjoying the fruits
of my Cornflower/Echinacea blooms
Did you know? Yellow butterflies indicate that something
exciting is about to happen in your life.
They represent spiritual transformation, beauty, hope and
bring happiness and prosperity into your life.
I, for one, didn't know that!

I arrived at the flying field around 11, as planned and boy was it hot. Bill refreshed my memory with the guys names and eventually I met their wives. One, in particular, Peter’s wife, Linda, came over and sat with me. We hit it off quite well and enjoyed an hour or so together. There were a variety of planes being flown, different sizes, but mainly by the same 3, 4 including Bill, flyers. Craig, Al and Dave are awesome pilots and they all have deep pockets.

Lunch at 1 o'clock
This has been my usual time anyway
but it explains why I wasn't hungry for much supper

Someone brought chocolate mousse in a container
and it was really a nice change

I saw 3 or 4 identical planes amongst them all. They went up together and once they did a show of ‘dog fighting’ (I think it’s called) to the ‘death’. Ha ha. Three small planes, that have seen better days, first flew with the goal of removing their opponents crepe paper streamers and then to eventually crash for the title. That act ended up happening at the same time and Craig was the victor. The other two ended up in the bean field in pieces. No worries, they have more where that came from! 😊

A C-130 flew right over the field, nice and low,
for a show of its own

That was cool!

My sweetie takes the Calamato up for a flight

Bill landing, Al still flying to his left

Bill had 2 more in his trailer, but he set these out for display and
to fly

These aresome that belong to the 3 flyers

Getting ready for the dog fight
I didn't get great pictures but
Bill did on his big camera

Expected results of the dog fight
Here they are searching for remnants and any
usable parts

The club barbecued cheeseburgers and members (wives) provided salads etc. to supplement. It was good and although I brought a lot of the bean salad home, it wasn’t ignored. There were only about 20 people in attendance and some didn’t even eat. It’s a small club of about 42 members so not a bad turn out really. 

As I drove down the road, I stopped for a
view of the nice set up they have for the flyers
that's the laneway in on the right side

We sat under Bill’s canopy and around 2, I packed up my chair and headed back to Gibbs. Bill wasn’t too far behind me, returning around 3:30.

Gibbs goes back into the pool after I get home

Then behaves for about 20 minutes, staying close by my side

I’d eaten more than Bill, he skipped the dessert of mousse and cookies, so he had a toasted tomato sandwich while I just had a piece of toast and peanut butter. It hit the small hole, especially with the last of the angel food cake with peach slices and whipped topping. I sat after supper and posted my delayed blog post from yesterday and then worked on todays. Bill went to the Hangar.

Guess who was in our wood pile
I almost stepped up there when I was looking for Gibbs!

I know you're in there, Chippy!

The sky to the west is looking dark so maybe we will be getting some storm/rain tonight. Tomorrow sounds like a washout so it will be a Bunky/Hangar/Suite day. 😊 This was a nice day.

This is what the boys had for flying in today.
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. I wondered where your Friday post was, and hoped all was well with you and yours. Sounds like a couple of nice days. The event at the airfield would be fun for the flyers.
    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  2. Yup ... excellent day. How fun to watch the guys crash their planes! Gibbs will be looking for Chippy forever!!!

  3. Looks like you both had an enjoyable day at the flying field.
    We won't tell Gibbs about your fib. LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy the upcoming day indoors.

    It's about time.

  4. What a great hobby! Neat snake too!

  5. Oh gosh, if I saw that snake I'd never go out until Summer is over or if Ken was with me. Crashing their planes, such silly boys LOL. Lunch looked yummy. Actually I think your bean salad looked better than what you get in the can! The C130 flyover was pretty cool!

  6. Looks like a great layout for the flyers. I had no idea it was that manicured! I'm happy that the weather turned out nice for the event.