Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Is it Fall or Summer? A Sweet Happy Hour

The Ridge

On Wednesday, Aug. 31st we woke to the last day of this month. It has been pretty decent weather, with weekends being quite conducive to flying for Bill and whatever I wanted to do as well. Two happy campers! 😊 Bill left for work in Durham at 7:30 and Gibbs and I went for a walk to the corner and back. It was a chilly morning so I layered two hoodies before we went out.

I'll probably never get tired of looking at our property
nor the turbines in the back'yard'.

Pretty white fluffies dotted the sky

Look at how proud he is walking

The sky was quite pretty, clear mostly with a few poufy clouds. Back home, we sat together and I played my Word games before I got ready for work at the shop. I left at 9:20 after taking the extra clothes pegs out to the line and moving the stool into position. I knew Patty and Duncan were doing their laundry in town and she would want to hang their clothes out. 😊 She loves my clothesline.

Now you see why.
Up ahead there was another dog walker 😀
and Gibbs was keeping an eye on them

M asked me to go into town to run a few errands so with a list and his cash in hand, I visited the necessary places and got what he needed. Back at the shop, I worked outside on the Volkswagen Jetta. Taping and sanding around the mirrors and door frames. It was a nice day to be working out of doors, not hot and not cold. At 12:30, I returned home and after a stir fry for lunch, joined our friends outside.


Bill was home from work around 2:30 and we were thrilled that Rob and Pat were free to join us for Happy Hour today! Yay! It’s been so long since we’ve seen them. Their time, when they are home from the island, is so busy so today just worked out perfectly. The conversation flowed and our new friends got along great with our old friends, as we knew they would. When they left, (I forgot to get a picture) we sat a bit longer and Patty and Duncan gave us a ‘parting’ gift – of sorts. (we may see them once more! 😊)

Finished that last little bit of puzzle
before Happy Hour

I was hungry so we came inside and heated M's Elvis meatloaf and scalloped potatoes for our supper around 6:30. I cooked peas on the side and the meal was really more than what I needed but I managed to eat it all. No room for dessert tonight, we cleaned up the dishes and Bill made his lunch for tomorrow. He would be leaving early for work in the morning so popped over to say goodbye to our Airstream guests. 💕 They would be heading out tomorrow. 

some corn, some ground coffee, some rum and some gin
all gifted to us in my stock pot 💓
Just a thank you for opening up our place to their visits
We have such wonderful friends.

This was a great day. We both feel exhausted – excuse me – all 3 of us are exhausted. Gibbs is asleep on the floor and Bill has dropped off in his chair. Gibbs was the best little pooch today; off leash the whole time, really quiet little barks when company came up the drive. His collar came off around 7:30. He has received a lot of well-deserved praises. We’re so proud of him. We're all feeling that fall has arrived early, we've had jackets off and on all day. It's just too soon, we're not quite ready. 

A huge meal but it was delicious!
Good night!

Thank you for popping by. Your comments are always welcome!


  1. I was happy to have cooler weather today as I'm about to embark on some much longer walking. By the time I finished my coffee it was pouring rain! And so the day went. No walking. My neighbour popped over for a yack and asked if he could start walking my dog. She immediately went over and gave him a snuggle! What a pup!

    1. Sometimes our puppies can be traitors!! Sorry about the rain.

  2. We're under a heat advisory here in Saskatchewan - I won't be the least bit surprise if it heads your way. Mornings are definitely cooler - it's nice for doing yardwork.
    You've got some wonderful friends.

    1. We are supposed to have a beautiful weekend. Might be a bit of rain but that's okay.
      Yes, we do have great friends. Many.