Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Easing into the Week, Rain, Sun, Work

The Ridge

Monday, Aug. 22nd I was the first to get up, not counting the Gibbs ‘out’ time at 6 am. Bill didn’t need to leave for work until around 8:15 or so but I had to clean the Mat. I was washed, dressed and out the door with my tea a few minutes before 7. It was looking pretty foggy when I first got up but I didn’t notice any as I drove the distance to Durham.

Fog has lifted for the most part
Morning sun fighting to get through

The place was empty and in pretty fair condition again. I emptied the lint traps in the dryers, emptied the recycle bins, wiped out the washers and finished by mopping the floors. It’s nice and easy when no one is in there, especially washing the floors. I was out in 45 minutes and drove to fill a bottle of water at the Water Store. Homeward bound by 8:15.

Quesadilla for lunch
I'm enjoying these!

Bill left with Black Beauty soon after. He had a 40-minute drive to Mildmay but had decided she needed a good run so we didn’t switch vehicles today. If he is working in town tomorrow, he’ll be taking the truck again. 😊 On Wednesday she goes in for some major surgery. Bummer, she’ll be in for two days. After having some cereal at home, I made a thermos of coffee and drove around the corner to M’s shop for my shift.

Such a good boy in his bed

Today was block and hand sanding on two vehicles, the Chev and the Datsun, and I was paid and out of there at 12:30. It seemed like a fast 3 hours today and who can say that on a Monday job? 😊 Gibbs and I had our lunch, a fried quesadilla for me (yummy!) and Gibbs had his regular food with a bit of cheddar.

A wintry picture this time
From turtles to buffalo

I played my Wordle and Phrazle games and then a bit of Scrabble-Go. One opponent, whom I don’t know, must sit on her phone all day as when I play, she plays immediately. I would get nothing else done if I did the same! Anyway, she is a good opponent as we seem to be matched pretty fairly. It isn’t any fun for anyone if you are constantly winning OR losing. Trust me, I have games in both categories.

Lots of pieces but they fit easily on the table
Borders on the bottom

This is as far as I got today
A good start

Gibbs and I went outside to the Bunky and I started a new puzzle. I’ll save my 1000-pc ones for the winter, taking them along to do in the clubhouse. 😊 This one is 750 pieces. The rain visited us a couple of times during the day, this morning while I worked at the shop and then around 3:30. Gibbs had to sit inside the Bunky with me until the short shower stopped.

A tasty colourful supper tonight

Bill was home around 4:30 and we came inside to have my tea before supper. Bill went online to renew the license plates and I started my blog. Supper was chicken, but at this point I hadn’t decided exactly how I was going to prepare it. When it came time, I used Italian seasoned bread crumbs to coat the thighs. They baked in the oven for about 50 minutes and along with broccoli for me and mac & cheese that was leftover, it was a good supper.

You know we have to have dessert! So, we each had some apple crisp warmed up with the butter pecan ice cream. Bill told me last night that I can keep that recipe! 😊 It is quite delicious! We cleaned up the dishes and spent the evening with a couple of things. Bill is online checking out travel insurances, comparing a couple of known companies.

The sky was a bundle of clouds
even at sunset

This has been a great day and the sky to the west has opened up and let the sun through in time to set for the night. Maybe that means a nice day tomorrow!

Happy 75th Birthday to one of my big sisters! It's so hard to believe that we are in these ages when we still feel like we're 50!

Last years evening photo on the same day
wasn't too much different
Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to.


  1. Sounds like a perfect summer day! It is amazing how quickly it is passing.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister! I agree with what you said about aging! Blessed to feel young still! :) Now if I could do something about these forehead wrinkles LOL. Beautiful sunset!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister! Every year is a blessing.
    I guess you're into the planning for your travel this year. Hope the necessary "surgery" for Black Beauty goes well.

  4. Happy birthday to big sister. I'm right there with her....75 next month. I wish I felt like I was still in my 50's. Hopefully she does!