Friday, August 19, 2022

Summer Days are Here Again, Beautiful Sunsets, Birds!

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 18th we were all awake around the same time. Gibbs waited until 6 to wake his Daddy up. Bill took him on a leash this morning and they were back in quickly. After he lifted each foot for wiping, he hopped up on the bed with me again. Our puppy can count to four. 😊

Strange thing about fog, rain etc.
When I left home and subsequently when I left Durham
to head west, I ran into dense fog

Pulling out of Grey Bruce F.S.
looking back towards Durham

I got up around 6:30, washed and left for the Mat at 6:50. No one was there and it was in pretty good shape. Kaitlyn is going in on my off days to try and get things labelled properly for the appliance guy and as machines are getting repaired, she marks them off the list. I appreciate her attention to the details, we think this laundromat is her ‘baby’, so to speak and Sandy runs the plumbing business.

Within 1/2 mile, it was clear again
I'm glad I wasn't driving to Hanover!

I left there and went to get our water jug filled at the Water Store. Poor Mark was loading ice bags into the outside cooler and had pulled his back out the other day. I know how painful that can be and how difficult to do any normal things. If I didn’t have to report to work at 9:30, I would have followed up on the urge to lend a hand. Bill had asked me to drive west of Durham to pay the truck repair bill from yesterday so that’s where I went next.

My lunch, I ate the whole tomato
only because it was going soft

Gibbs loves the hammock but he won't go on it
unless one of us is already there
I was surprised when he stayed when I nipped inside for
my phone

I couldn’t believe how foggy it was as I approached the shop of Grey Bruce Fleet Services! It was really thick. Pea soup, my Dad used to say .😊 I paid the bill and drove home. Back near town, it was as clear as a bell. I didn’t have long to spend with Gibbs but we walked down the road and then I had to get into my ‘dirty work clothes’ for the shop. He happily took his peanut butter milk bone when I left.

I wanted my phone to capture these hungry little guys
The hammock is between the trees so I had a
(wait for it) 'birds-eye view'. 😁

The truck is getting further along and I finished sanding all primed areas today. M would be priming the roof before I return on Monday where it will need one more sanding before he paints. I know one owner who will be excited to get his classic pick up back again and I know one worker who can’t wait to see it all done. It will be pretty!! 😊


Back home, I worked on yesterday’s blog, dealing with a lot of pictures and then Gibbs and I relaxed together around the property until Bill drove in around 2. It was a nice surprise that he was home early again. After my two ‘boys’ rested, Bill and I took Jazz to Hanover’s Canadian Tire. Bill wanted to get something that was on sale for the last day.

They get a seed in their beak and fly to the
branch to eat it

We had a prime spot for all the small species
of birds while in the hammock

On the way home, we stopped for an early supper at Jenny G’s. We each had a bacon cheeseburger and shared some fries. They make good homemade burgers. We enjoyed the ride; it was a beautiful afternoon. We washed the dishes from the day by hand and Bill went to the Hangar while I worked on my laptop.

Heading out for a ride

I wrote out rules for the poker game that I want to teach the ladies at our park this winter. I’m hoping to practice it a bit before then. Then I worked on my blog. I’m off on Friday so plan to get to Hanover for more groceries. The list keeps getting bigger, as lists do, but since I’m going……

Yummy and filling

This has been a nice day and it feels good to have 3 days off now. I’ve watched so many hummingbirds today around our feeders, chickadees and finches and at supper, Bill and I both saw a Baltimore Oriole at the hummer feeder too. I guess they think our weather is fitting enough to return again. Between the birds and the sunsets, it sure is nice to see summer is sticking around.

A tree jumped out in front of Bill's drone on Wednesday night,
so I was happy he was able to reassemble things. 💕

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. That fog was really dense and then such a beautiful day! Sounds like the perfect day for a ride on Jazz and then to end it with those awesome burgers and fries! YUM! Enjoy your weekend you three! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley! Not as busy as you've been but still enough going on here too. :) ♥

  2. Wow, that was definitely pea soup fog! You've certainly got a front row seat for all the birds. Enjoy.

    1. Yes, it was! The birds get used to us sitting that close, especially the chickadees. ♥

  3. It's cute that Gibbs can count to 4.
    Our cat Lilly gets 3 little cat treats now and again throughout the day. If you only give her 2 she continues to look and look. So I'm proud to say she can count to 3.

    1. Ha ha, yes, it is cute but also Lilly! Cute story, they are so smart. ♥ Nice to hear from you!