Saturday, August 13, 2022

Last Day of our Holidays, Catching up with a Late Post

The Ridge

On Friday, Aug. 12th, I had to clean, so I left for Durham shortly after 7. It was cool again this morning, reminding us of Arizona evening temperatures after the sun has gone behind the mountains. Foggy also but the windows on Ptooties were only wet on the outside. 😊 The Mat was quiet, no customers, and I zipped through in my hour with no surprises. I know Kaitlyn and Sandy had been in the night before to fill the coin machine but nothing else was noticeably changed.

These were from Thursday's morning walk
I missed these in my post

I left there and drove across the street the Ultramar where I fueled up for the ‘getting lower’ price of $1.63.5/litre. Even diesel was below $1.70 so that is great to see! It needs to drop a whole lot more but I’m not getting too excited what might never happen. One last stop at the bank to deposit some cash for our savings and then home.

Back home, George and I took the dogs
for a walk
Er, they took us is more like it. 😃

It was pretty quiet around the Ridge, no sign of Rose and George, nor Kim but Bill and Ken had left with the cargo trailer. It was still chilly out so I didn’t blame them for being tucked inside. 😊 Because I’m a day late in posting, I can’t recall what else I did but I did put the puzzle away eventually and we all gathered at R & G’s ‘site’ talking about purchases we’d made at the thrift stores etc. When the boys got home, Bill and I had some lunch.

The rest of the day was quiet. I didn’t start a puzzle yet, there was no hurry. The day soon warmed up and we sat outside for Happy Hour. We heard from Suzie that she wasn’t planning on coming on Saturday after all and this jiggled the Jell-o for our company. Because of that, I decided to invite Donna and Gerry over for a campfire after supper, tonight instead of tomorrow night.

No, this isn't a reference to seeing the meteor shower
but instead a glimpse of the sunset through the trees

This is a much nicer one!

There was a hubbub about the meteor showers and the supermoon but other than watching the stars until our necks were sore, we only saw a few shooting stars and the bright moon. It was sure a cool night, dropping quickly but we persevered around the fire until around 10 when we all began saying goodnights. 

A couple of campfire views

It was 11 when Bill and I crawled into bed. We were the ‘die-hards’ at the fire; I was actually up close and felt warm in my hand-crocheted sweater.

A nice bunch of coals

A view of the moon behind the Suite
Spooky but cool, I think

This was a nice day with not much going on. Proof that there doesn’t need to be!

This is the best shot of the 
SUPERmoon. I don't try anymore.
Good night!

 Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to!


  1. The Ridge looks full of company. Nice to have those evening fires on cool evenings. Enjoy.

  2. A mostly relaxing day is a good thing, especially when one is on vacation.