Friday, August 26, 2022

A Bit of a Stock Up and a Bit of Shopping, Weird Weather

The Ridge

On Friday, Aug. 26th, Bill woke up with an upset system, to put it mildly. He took Gibbs out after 6 and spent a fair bit of time in the bathroom until it passed. 😊 It was fortunate for him that Billy said they didn’t have work for the day. He wasn’t down for long and it eased. I had to go clean the Mat so did that, with only one customer coming in as I was leaving.

Lots of clouds but a peekaboo
blue in the wings

Back home, we discussed our day and decided that I would drive to Hanover for a few food items rather than all of us driving to Owen Sound. Bill needed to just relax for the morning. I finished my tea and left around 10:30. At a stoplight in Hanover, it was funny to first hear and then notice Jamie right beside me. No time to chat, the light turned green. 😉

Gibbs slept while I worked on the puzzle

Look closer, he has his
rope in his mouth
A little goof, he is. 💗

I popped into Giant Tiger, Dollarama and finished up at Walmart, coming out with all items on my list today. I was in no hurry so when I saw it was noon, I texted Bill to go ahead and eat if he was hungry. By the time I got home, he and Gibbs were inside the Suite waiting for me. Bill took care of recording the receipts from my purchases on Quicken and then we had something to eat. He’d waited for me.

The buffalo are almost finished
All the pieces are basically the same shape
so no sorting  into groups other
than colours

The day was a strange one. Only 20C/68F today, which isn’t a bed temperature when the sun is out but it was mostly overcast and looming chances of rain. Not a day to count on doing outdoor things. 😊 As it turned out, Bill felt good enough to go out and cut grass and Gibbs and I went to the Bunky for an hour or two. I lost track as I usually do with a puzzle.

Since we didn't make it to Keady Market
this summer, I found these
chair covers at Giant Tiger
for $6 each
A better price!
Here Gibbs models it for you

When Bill finished both fields, we came inside and he took the opportunity before supper to go to the Acreage and get a bladder full of water. We were just below half a tank. When he returned, it was time to start grilling the sausages for supper. The meat was good but the last two buns in the pack weren’t the freshest and fell apart. I was glad we had two pieces of pie for dessert, to top off the meal. No lunch to pack for Bill so he loaded the dishwasher for a quick run of 30 minutes and went to the Hangar.

The sausages and the pie were great

I worked on my blog post and called it a night after watching Beetlejuice. Such a fun movie. Gibbs wasted no time and disappeared upstairs onto the bed. It was only 8 o’clock! This was a good day and the weekend is upon us. Tomorrow will bring a bit more exciting things to report. I hope you have enjoyed your Friday!

On Aug. 26th, 2017, our very first rv'ers came for 
the weekend
This was their first time out with the Rockwood

Bill, Neil and Megan
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Chair covers ... smart idea. Just curious, how many pieces are in those puzzles. I see lots with 1000, which is intimidating.

    1. The chair covers are great on our upholstered seats, especially with little dirty puppy paws🐾.
      This puzzle is 750 pc. They fit best on my table.

  2. Great bargain on the chair covers. They really look great.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. I'm going to pick up another set in a different color

  3. Those chair covers are very nice. I like the color too.
    My goodness you finish jigsaw puzzles quickly. I've been working on one for nearly two weeks, and just finished it yesterday.

    1. Thank you, i used to buy them at the market. A jersey material. These are nice for half the price and solid colors.
      At least you get longer enjoyment out of your puzzles! ☺️

  4. Glad Bill is feeling better. Never know what's going around these days.
    Hope your visitors will have as much fun as you will having them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. Bill was better by afternoon.
      Those visitors were here in 2017, it was an old picture.

  5. I found it was too cool yesterday to go for a comfortable ride.