Sunday, August 7, 2022

Not Lazy, Really, Just Having too Much Fun!

The Ridge (Now some of you may have already read the full gammit of Saturday's post, and if you caught it first thing, you will notice changes here. However, after I posted it, it almost immediately disappeared and some of you only received the title. I don't know why or how but I had to start over with the pictures and captions.Thanks for your patience!)

On Saturday, Aug. 6th, it was already hot and humid at 7:00 when we got up.I headed in to clean the Mat before 7:30 and Bill and Ken pulled out with the cargo trailer20 minutes or so later. They were going to Saugeen Flyers field for the morning. Bill was happy that Ken was interested in going with him even though he didn’t bring a plane to fly. 😊 Happy boy brings me joy!

My first picture is of my favourite tree
on The Ridge.
You must know why. This is the bird tree. 

When I finished cleaning, I stopped at 2 garage sales in Durham before heading home. Nothing at the first one, he chose not to price his items and appeared to be willing to take offers. However, he still had a price that he wanted for each piece I picked up and it was more than I wished to pay. If he’d had them priced, I wouldn’t even have inquired.

We all relaxed in the shade of our trees,
Gibbs knows how to stretch out on the grass to
get cool

The second sale was more lucrative and I came home with 2 small .25¢ glasses and a new Genie bra for $1. Always looking for that perfect comfort. I am happy with both purchases. Robin, on the highway, had her sale out as well but I didn’t stop today. Maybe tomorrow, if Kim is interested. Kim and I spent the morning outside together with Gibbs running around and enjoying being with us and the shade, equally

He waited patiently (mostly) for Kim
to finish her bottle of water 💗

Kim has new crafting ideas and, like me, always has something to do for fun, relaxing and ‘because’. The heat was wrapping us up like a warm blanket even though we kept trying to kick it off. 😉 Bill and ken returned home just before 12 and we all went inside and had some lunch. Bill took half hour and studied the inside of his eyelids. I sat at that time and worked on and finished my blog from Friday. They will probably mostly be late this week, I’m too busy having fun!

Funny story. Bill tossed Gibbs' frisbee toy but it went
too far and went over the edge into the long grass
Gibbs couldn't reach it so you know who had to retrieve it.
Kim and I grabbed our cameras. 😂

Sitting around outside, I realized we had 4 sausage buns left and lots of Cowboy sausages so offered supper to our friends. I was 6 when Bill lit the Weber and we were eating inside our cool Suite by 6:30. Kim and Ken had picked up 2 pies at Anna-Mae’s in Millbank, where they had their lunch, so we had a piece of our cherry and they had some Dutch apple. Yum, these homemade pies are the best! Thanks, you guys!

I love how the clouds look like they are coming out of the tree

It made for a lovely photo, don't you think?

These are definitely the ‘crazy’ lazy days of summer, not sure about the crazy part, and we slid from water to drink into something a little stronger for our Happy Hour. I blended up a strawberry daquiri and it was nice for a change but it didn’t need to be as strong as the directions on the mixer bottle suggested. Not with the heat anyway.

Now that's a loaded sausage dog!

We invited Donna & Gerry over for a campfire after we finished and had dishes put away so Bill started the fire around 7:30. It was a nice evening, but still quite warm so the fire was for ambience only, not to warm us. The mosquitoes and other biting bugs (?) were hungry and kept us covered in some form of bug spray. We were still slapping at our hands, necks and faces! We called it a night soon after D & G left and came inside for bed around 11.

Kim and Ken stopped at Anna Mae's in Millbank on their way here Friday
and brought us a cherry pie. Oh my!
Good night!

Wow! Another wonderful day and the week hasn’t begun! Thank you for stopping by, nice to have you visit too!



  1. Good day Patsy, Bill & Gibbs,
    Definitely not lazy & just keep on having tooooo much fun, Yeah!!!!
    Take care, Melynda

  2. Be safe and Enjoy having fun with your visitors.

    It's about time.

  3. Have fun, enjoy your company.

    God bless.

  4. A nice busy and fun day with friends. Gibbs is just the cutest. Oh how I wish that I could have a piece of that cherry pie!!!

  5. I wondered why I just got a title, and then thought you were too busy to write a post. :)
    Sounds like a great day!