Thursday, August 4, 2022

Starting the Weekend, Oh and my Vacation!

The Ridge

On Thursday, Aug. 4th Bill and I were both up for work. Once more, I left earlier than he needed to, at a few minutes to 7. The Mat was vacant of customers and pretty clean. Since the other day cost them 90 minutes instead of my usual 60, I did a thorough but quick clean within 30 minutes. I didn’t need to wash the floors so I finished with a sweep through and after stopping to see Bill at his work site, I drove home.

It was a wet night

And it's a foggy morning

Gibbs and I relaxed together for the next hour and then it was time for me to leave again. I was not looking forward to working on the motor again, but pumped myself up to just do it for the time it took and then it’s done and I’ll be on holidays. 😊 Boy, was I surprised when M showed me that he had finished the opposite side, taping and papering all those ‘motor things’ and he it all painted with engine paint. ♥♥ That made my day! Woohoo!

I did have to peel all the paper and tape off but
was glad to do it
Isn't it purty?

So, there were a few places around the truck box that I needed to sand where he had filled holes and get it ready for primer. It was an easy shift today and when I left, he wished me a good holiday and that was that! Yay! It was very humid by now and so when I stepped in the Suite, I closed the 2 windows I’d left open and turned the a/c on. I wasn’t going to wait too long, nor did it have to be too cold, so set it at 75F.

An omelette lunch on a bed of lettuce
This was yummy!

I'm thinking we'll have a nice crop of tomatoes

A couple of varieties
But not so much for the peppers 

Inside, I decided to get back on my laptop and work some more on the project I’d started. It is time to work on my winter book. I do one every summer for the previous south trip but I’ve noticed that my usual web site, Blurb, has changed. Not for the better. It is getting harder to work with each year so I am using one that my sister uses instead. It isn’t necessarily simple but so far, it is co-operating. I’ll keep you informed.

Gibbs ran around like a little fool

I had ground beef out of the freezer to make a meat loaf for supper so around 4, I began getting ingredients out. I’d just made myself a cup of tea around 4:30 when Bill walked in the door. Twice this week he has snuck up on us and we didn’t hear because of the thunder storm yesterday and the a/c running today. Gibbs goes crazy when we come home so was sure happy to see his Daddy. One more day, and he’ll be home for holidays too. 😊

The meatloaf was cooked in the convection oven, a potato boiled on the stove for Bill, corn in the microwave and I tried a suggestion for cooking my asparagus in Rosy. (air fryer). I cooked it for about 3 minutes and it was delicious! Thanks for the tip, MT! We had ice cream for dessert, mine in a cone and Bill’s in a dish, and then we cleaned up the dishes. I’d forgotten how free it felt to be on vacation and even though I’m only part time, the relief has already hit me.

The Coneflowers are lovely

I worked on my post and then went back to my book site. 😊 It’s always fun to do and then once it is finished, I can hardly wait for it to be shipped back. This has been a nice day. 

Tasty AND colourful tonight!

We woke to light rain with a forecast of more thunder storms, not threatening ones though, yet it turned into a humid sunny summer day with no more rain. Plans for tomorrow are coming together, with a few friends coming to visit. Looking forward to that!

Oh me oh my!
It's my celebration cone.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. OH YEAH ..... ICE CREAM!!! And tomatoes ... I forgot just how good those home grown tomatoes were. Looks like you'll have a good crop.

  2. To be honest, I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the paint in the engine. But I guess it makes a statement.
    Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

    1. Ha ha, I'm with you on the engine. M did it as a bonus for Mike's patience. I guess because the paint was peeling and he wanted it to show well. Thank you Maebeme!

  3. Your tomatoes are going to be awesome! Oh that cone looks yummy! Enjoy your company, looking forward to seeing who is coming! :) I'm sure you are glad to be off for a few days, enjoy!

    1. Thanks Shirley! You'll see tomorrow who is the first to arrive. Not a big turnout, sadly, but we always have a great time regardless.:)

  4. Painting the engine is more for aesthetics especially when showing off your vehicle.
    Your garden is doing well. Enjoy the bounty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your vacation.

    It's about time.

    1. That's the only reason to paint an engine that I can see. :) M wanted to do an 'extra' for Mike.
      Thank you Rick!

  5. Your tomatoes are really coming along nicely. That cone looks tasty.

    Enjoy your vacation.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. The tomatoes may all be ripe at once! ha ha that would be funny.