Monday, August 29, 2022

Back in the Groove, Still Hot, Still Humid

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 29th we are dropping quickly to the end of this month. No more sliding, it is a rapid downward drop! We woke up to rain so Gibbs ran outside at 6:15 but turned right back without having his morning piddle. Within 5 minutes, it stopped enough so Bill took him out again. They stood under the nose of the Suite while the little guy did his thing. 😊

Our day started like this

The rain didn’t last, off and on for the half hour before Bill left to take the garbage down and go to work. Another job in Durham, at a place they’ve been already this month. A much nicer customer too. I left Gibbs at home in charge of the house and went to M’s for 9:30. I got the news that I was waiting to hear about the apartment.

I'm getting good at these! 💗

He had 4 showings over the weekend and the last lady agreed to take it. Actually, all 3 ladies wanted it but for one reason or another, they weren’t suitable. I’m happy that all of our work getting it ready has paid off. Well, come Sept. 1st, we’ll know for sure. 😊 The only thing left to do in there was trip a few of the scatter mats that were cut from the full floor carpets we laid earlier. I did that and then moved on to Mike’s truck. Sanding the primer. The box is now done and can be painted anytime.

Gibbs models his new hardware
It is big for a little guy but
he doesn't mind it too much

It was so humid and hot, even though the sun was cloud covered for most of the day. When I got home, I didn’t hear any barking so that was nice. He doesn’t always bark when I return alone so not the best test of the collar. The windows were closed except for one so I closed it and turned the a/c on. By then, the outside temp was 26C/79F and immediately she clicked on to start cooling our home. It was a wise decision.

Remember early spring when I moved 
some of my mint plants from up on the berm?
They are finally showing some growth 

I was covered in paint dust when I returned home so hopped in the shower first thing then I had a stir fry quesadilla for lunch. Gibbs and I sat inside while I worked on my blog from yesterday, still not finishing until later in the day, and then we went out to wander the property. He has only uttered a couple of low barks so I doubt he felt anything from those but I did notice that he is sticking close by my side without a leash as I walked up to the garden to gather tomatoes.

Gibbs loves the hammock
He just waits for me to come back

We sat in the hammock for about an hour again today and he never wandered anywhere. Interesting. We came in when I decided I wanted to make a cheesecake for supper. Our friends, Patty and Duncan, were expected on Wednesday for the night and to leave with their Airstream on Thursday. They may arrive early because of weather moving in off the lake (up north) so we may see them tomorrow. They are providing us with supper again so I will be prepared with dessert this time! 😊

I've made it with the crushed almond crust
but baking it in the oven this time

Bill was home from work shortly after 4 and I sat outside with Gibbs on his leash to judge his reaction. He barked once and quit immediately and once more with the same response. The collar is working. When we all came inside, Bill took his collar off for the evening. We’ll start again tomorrow; evenings are pretty uneventful. For supper, we had a ‘poor boys’ meal of weiners and beans. I had a couple of my grape tomatoes along with mine. 😊

Our poor boys supper.
Filling, no dessert tonight. 

After clean up and his lunch made, Bill did some banking while I worked on today’s blog post. No promises!! This was a good day back to work for both of us. Before supper, I had a text from Kaitlyn, laundromat boss, and she will be coming out tomorrow afternoon to pay me for the month. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I started working for her! I hope you’ve had as good a day wherever you are!

Last year on this day
A visitor on our railing.
Haven't seen too many up here this year.
Good night

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Always good to have a payday. Surprised that Gibbs barks so much. Is his barking a nuisance to you two or others or both?

    1. Yes it is!! Payday is great!
      The barking is a nuisance to us probably more than to others but I'm sure to them as well. He won't stop when someone comes to him when we admonish him and the barking gets crazy when someone drives up the lane. Even when we come home.
      Being in a park all winter, he needs to learn.

  2. I know many who use that type of collar to control their dogs barking with excellent results.

    Pay day already wow.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for the support, Jackie. It wasn't an easy decision. 😕

  3. Hopefully Gibbs will learn when its ok to bark and when not. What does this thing on his neck do?

    1. One bark is fine but he doesn't stop until we're all settled and then if someone gets up, he barks at them coming and going.
      It beeps and vibrates on his neck.

  4. Good boy Gibbs! I love the shot of him sitting up in the hammock.

  5. I had beans and weenies 2 nights ago. I cut up the weenies and put them into the beans. Need potato chips for dipping and a big glass of milk! Gibbs will catch on ~ he's a smart little doggie!