Monday, August 8, 2022

Laundry, Puzzling with Rose, Interrupted Happy Hour

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 8th I slept until 7:30 and when I was up, Bill and I sorted laundry. It had been over a week but there wasn’t a rush for work clothes to be clean. Bill loaded the basket and the empty water bottle in Ptooties’ hatch. It was lightly spitting when I left but we aren’t sure how much we got overnight. There were no puddles so maybe just lightly. I know my window was open all night.

Gibbs was being his affectionate self this morning
when i returned from town
He didn't care what was out the window,
he wanted to sit on my lap and rest 💓

The Mat wasn’t too bad today so once I loaded my 3 washers, I took the floor mats this time, I set about cleaning. With a visitor from one of the local ‘homeless’ gals, which wasn’t scary but definitely unsettling, I didn’t see anyone else. I want to block out the vision of that, as even though my heart pangs at how sad it is for such a lovely young lady to be in that state, I was just hoping she’d leave. I couldn’t understand a lot of what she said and the tears were hard to witness.

Rose and I got a good start on the puzzle

Because the clouds were full of rain, I wasn’t bringing the clothes home to hang. The dryers that work, are good and only require about 20 minutes maximum of high heat to completely dry everything. I brought the 3 floor mats home to hang in between the showers. They didn’t take long to dry because it was still very humid.

Gigi was taking a break from Gibbs

Before I left town, I stopped at Foodland for some bread and water for our ‘neighbours’ and then filled the water bottle. We had toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches for lunch. After perusing the online Rockford auction that expires on Wednesday, I went out to the Bunky and got the puzzle out that Rose brought. 😉

Gibbs wasn't too far away 

Gibbs was out and so was Gigi (I spelled her name wrong yesterday) so I wasn’t surprised when Rose called out to see if I wanted help. Of course! We worked on the border first and then moved on to whatever we could to get a start. The puzzle is 1000 pc. so all the pieces needed to be portioned out onto the table and my bulletin board. We’ll make it work!


When Bill came to the door with a drink, that was a hint that H.H. was about to begin. Rose and I went and got our drinks and all 6 of us sat outside until the rain chased us inside again around 5:15. It was cute again watching how the two dogs get along with each other. Inside, Gibbs crashed immediately, I made a tea and Bill put NCIS on for us to watch.


A little sweet talk

The rest afterwards

I started my post and at 6 we started our rainy day supper. Burgers were on the menu but barbecuing was impossible tonight! We agreed on weiners and beans and they tasted just right, filling our tummies with the last of the cherry pie with a piece of that forbidden apple – well, actually it was in the form of a chocolate, pecan butter tart. Oh my! They still weren’t as sweet as the cherry pie though!

Tired right out,
I'll bet Gigi is doing the same thing

The rain continued into the evening and in between satellite service burps, we watched tv until bedtime. Earlier, I walked up to my garden and I’m happy to say the egg’plants’ are finally stretching up noticeably higher. 😊 Also, the pepper plants are growing and tomatoes are looking healthy. The rain is like a miracle some days. This has been a great day.

Nothing says 'rainy night supper' like weiners and beans

a little sweetness for dessert
Good night!

Thank you for popping around. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Gibbs must have tuckered himself playing with Gigi.

    The pie and tart look scrumptious.

    God bless.

  2. I bet Gibbs is enjoying the company as much as you are. I'd say you've got it made with your company bringing their own accommodations. Have fun!

  3. Too bad the weather is interrupting Happy Hour! :( Sounds like a great time anyway!

  4. Great Pictures and the food looks yummy too.
    Nice when Gibbs has someone he can play with.
    Too bad you keep having Rain just when you are having HH.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.