Thursday, August 11, 2022

Taking Care of the Shopping, Some Thrifting Too

The Ridge

When we woke up on Thursday, Aug. 11th, I was surprised that it was almost 7 and Bill and Gibbs were still in bed. We all slept in. We watched Shawshank Redemption last night and it didn’t end until 11. I know that’s MY excuse! 😊 Gibbs has always slept well but his sleeping in can only be the result of a playful week with his new friend. This morning, the little guy and I went out for our walk to the corner and when we came back, he curled up on his Daddy and went back to sleep! 💓

I didn't take pictures this morning so the puzzle is the first
shot of the day

Bill didn’t have plans to go flying but he and Ken did leave for Rockford before 9 to pick up their winning bid items. I knew I needed groceries, we’d been adding to the list for 2 weeks, so I invited the girls to join me on a trip to Walmart in Hanover. Rose had other plans with George so Kim and I left around 10. I had 3 bags of donations so we drove to Salvation Army Thrift Store first and dropped them at the entrance.

I bought this large yellow zucchini at the flea market
I've never had one.

Of course, we had to tour the store as well as wander through the Flea Markets. We found a few things for a good price in the thrift store and then returned the way we’d come back to the east end of town. A stop at the LCBO and then Walmart where I got 99% of the things on my list. Today was only supposed to reach a high of 18C/66F but that sounded fine to us.

It turned into a nice Happy Hour
and we played Heardle 60's, 80's together.

In Arizona that would mean shorts and tanks weather but with the gusty winds and clouds blocking the son occasionally, it felt much cooler than that. It was a bit discouraging but at least we had sunshine for the most part. Bill and Ken were home when we returned but Rose and George were gone with Gigi. After some lunch, I went into the Bunky and finished the puzzle. It is too bad that there are about 4 pieces missing, it is a nice picture. 😊

They call it Happy Hour for nothing!

Bill went to the Hangar and I came inside with Gibbs where we curled up on the bed. With windows and the outside door open, I actually felt chilly. When I heard Ken’s door close, I knew it was time for Happy Hour so made us each a cup of tea. Neither of us felt like a cold drink today. I also sat in the sun with Kim until Bill joined us. This weather won’t last, it’s too early for fall weather. I said so! It was mostly quite comfy out there but at 6 it was time for supper.

Very good

I fried last night’s leftover potatoes and cooked asparagus on the stove. Too lazy to get the air fryer out tonight. In the microwave, I reheated the chicken breasts and Bill’s mixed vegetables. Everything was quite tasty. We both love crispy fried potatoes.  After cleaning up dishes, I noticed the wind had died a bit but I was done going out for the day anyway. Bill went to the Hangar and Gibbs crashed on the floor.

Gibbs watches his Daddy go to the Hangar
Some 'sweet' things never change.
Good night.

This has been a good day and once more, our fridge is full. No Rose and George yet so they must be enjoying themselves. 😊

Thank you for the visit.


  1. I love those yellow zucs. They are nice and tender. karenW (google is playing silly beggers again, insists on calling me anonymous)

  2. We had a cool day yesterday with rain, but the heat should be back later today. (29C) Hopefully it reaches you soon.

  3. So far today seems to be cooler, which is a good thing as I am making soup for the freezer and making sure things are used up and unable to spoil. I love frying up leftover potatoes. They taste so good.

    God bless.