Monday, August 15, 2022

Back at It, Slow and Easy

The Ridge

Monday, Aug. 15th was back to work day, for both of us. Bill and Gibbs were up at 6:30 and I got up closer to 7. I didn’t have to clean the laundromat today so it was a slow start for me. Bill was working in Durham so he left just after 7:30. He took the garbage and recycling bins down when he left.

Can you see the little guy in there?

The moon bids us adieu
under a fuzzy contrail.

After I finished my cup of tea, Gibbs and I walked down the lane and to the west. He didn’t go far and stopped, turning back for home. Funny guy. 

My Moonflowers are still blooming
in amongst the weeds
There are at least 5 more buds

On our way out the lane, he noticed a man and a big dog walk past our entrance. I think he was more concerned where he went and was it Gigi? 😊 Back home, we sat and worked on my online word games. Success!

Do you have to go to work, Mom?

The farmer is hard at it, picking up the large bales
I love the Canadian support!

I got into my work clothes and drove around the corner to M’s. It was a pretty easy day, picking up about 8 pallets from a neighbour (M burns them for firewood in the winter), trying to get his ad posted on Kijiji (grrr! It wasn’t working) and then the rest of my time was painting the doors and jambs in his rental spaces. It was quite warm outside in the sun where I was painting last so I was happy when 12:30 rolled around.

Well, this picture turned out better than I expected.💕

When I was up taking my pictures
Gibbs sits patiently down and waits for me

I noticed the recycle bins were gone from the road so I knew Bill was home early. We both had a slow start to our first day getting back to our schedule. After another stir fry for my lunch, Bill went to the Hangar and I headed to the puzzle. 😊 Gibbs went on his rope outside my door. At a few minutes before 4:30, He did everything he could to get my attention so I stopped, held him on my lap and then we moved inside.

He spent more time inside the Bunky
than outside today 

And after all the little turtles were done,
I left a bit of water for tomorrow
Gibbs was on my lap and wanted my attention
I wonder if he is feeling okay?

It was time for tea. Gibbs immediately climbed up on the chair and went to sleep. For supper, which we started at 6, we had grilled pork chops, vegetables and some a frozen pack of macaroni and cheese that Patty and Duncan left us. They were emptying their freezer in the Airstream.  The chop was perfectly cooked, Bill leans more to the side of under cooking it than over cooking it since he knows they aren’t my favourite.  Supper was good and we topped it off lightly with some raspberry Jell-o.

Supper was a success!

Bill made his lunch and loaded the dishwasher for its run. I worked on my blog. It reached a high of 25C/77F today and that is without a whole lot of sunshine. The clouds appeared off and on all day. It has been a pretty nice day!

Bill was snoozing in his chair
Gibbs was up on the back doing the same thing

A pretty sky tonight
Good night!

Thank you for popping in.


  1. Maybe Gibbs needs a buddy!! Hahahahaha. He's just too darn cute!!

  2. I suspect Gibbs is missing the attention from his friend Gigi. I agree with Nancy, he sure is a cutie!