Sunday, August 14, 2022

Just Like That the Vacation is Over

The Ridge

Sunday, Aug. 14th was our last ‘low-key’ day for a while so we made the best of it. I was up around 7 and on my way to Durham by 7:15. There was only one customer when I arrived and 2 more came in before I left. All men. I find that very interesting, maybe they’re all single. No judgement, it’s just interesting. We had sorted our 2 loads of laundry and it was finished in record time. I was on my way home by 8:30.

A cloudy morning and an empty lot
up here on the Ridge.

Bill had left for the flying field. He has really enjoyed flying this week, most mornings. 😊 I knew our forecast was for a teensy chance of rain today but even though it was cloudy, heavy white clouds, I hung the clothes on the line. There weren’t too many and I could spread them out easily. There wasn’t much of a breeze at all but it was warm enough to dry them.

My cute picture of the day.
Gibbs is looking at the empty lot
"where did everybody go?"

Gibbs and I went out to the Bunky to work on the puzzle. He wasn’t much help but I did have him on the rope so he didn’t wander and I didn’t have to keep checking on him. I made great headway on it, the shells and feet being the tricky parts. Bill got home around 12:30 and we came in for lunch. I had a stir fry with my green pepper from the garden, some ham, tomato and yellow zucchini. It was delicious.

He got hot outside and came in for a cooler rest

My stir fry with some avocado

For a couple of hours, I spent time on the puzzle and then we drove over to the Acreage for a visit with Donna and Gerry. Gibbs was his normal silly self and had fun. It got quite hot in the sun as Donna and I worked on some New York Times crosswords. They are tough but we enjoy trying them anyway. She works on a few at a time and they last for the summer. 😊

I think it's a good thing I work tomorrow
This puzzle will be done sooner than later

Back home, we went back to our hobbies and at 6 Bill grilled our bacon cheese burgers. They were just as good as always. After loading the dishwasher, Bill made his lunch. Yup, vacation is over and we’re both back to the jobs tomorrow. As I look out my window, I see a hummingbird at a feeder. Yay! I’m glad they’re back for another visit. We watched some tv, Red 2, and I tried to get caught up on my blog.

The clouds were quite prominent all day.
Our nights are warming up again though.
12C/54F is nice for sleeping.
Good night y'all!

This was another one of those good days. Thank you for coming by!


  1. Poor Gibbs, I'm sure he'll get used to being on his own again but I'm sure he misses his friend.
    You amaze me how quickly you finish those puzzles!

    1. We just don't know what our pooches/pets are thinking. Thank you!

  2. Poor Gibbs. Does he need a brother or sister?