Monday, August 1, 2022

Our Day Off

The Ridge

On Monday, Aug. 1st the Richards household were up around 7. Bill and I had our morning brew and cereal and headed down the laneway with Ptooties, the utility trailer and Gibbs in tow. 😉 It was garbage day, even on a holiday, so we put that out first. We kept Gibbs on his rope with water and shade and began trimming.

I can't believe how fruitful my Moonflowers
have been this year
These are probably #9 & 10 so far

It took two trailer loads of clippings and branches down the lane and another full one from the back field. It was very hot and we were both dripping wet by the time we finished. Gibbs, our supervisor, was the only comfortable one in the bunch. 

At 7:30 am, all of these birds were
singing outside our window

I had a cool shower and although it felt wonderful, my face was still quite flushed for a while after so Gibbs and I went outside in the shady breezes while Bill had his shower.

Gibbs is the best little guy
On or off leash, he just sits and waits for us

It took us a couple of hours to finish the job and Bill took the trailer back to the Acreage after we were freshened up. I had made a couple of signs the other day so took the time to put them in place when he returned. The rest of the day was quiet. We had cinnamon buns for lunch and because they are so big, I’ve vowed not to buy these big ones again. We prefer the small ones. 😊

Stretching out in the cool gravel
after a hard morning supervising 💕

I had three jobs with my sewing machine so I got it out on the kitchen table. Then Gibbs started barking and Donna and Gerry drove in. They were on their way home after a week’s vacation at the Acreage. It was nice they stopped in to see what we’d done down the lane. We have company coming tomorrow and then again on Friday so we wanted to be sure it was clipped back before then.

Two buns were too much for me

The day turned hot and inside the Suite while I sewed, it felt quite humid. Gibbs and I took a walk down to see Bill at the Hangar and then sat in the shade until I felt a few raindrops. My sewing machine was put away and we just hung out inside in front of the tv until supper time. Bill grilled our delicious bacon cheeseburgers and I mixed the last of the Caesar salad for supper. It was good as always. He loaded the dishwasher and made his lunch for work tomorrow.

If you remember a previous
picture of our laneway, 
you'll notice the difference
for the better

This was a great holiday for us. It was a very productive morning and a relaxing afternoon doing whatever we liked. Before the day ended, as promised, M called to set me up with my schedule this week. It was questionable whether I’d be working tomorrow so now I know. 😊 We received a nice steady rain around 7:45 but it only lasted about 5 minutes. I hope it returns through the night even though I watered my garden and plants.

A few times, the clouds moved over and around us

If you live in a province in Canada that celebrated the Civic Holiday, I hope you also enjoyed your day off. We spent the evening watching old Elvis movies.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in. 


  1. It sounds like you had a great holiday Monday. We had another warm 40C day, but I'm okay with that :-)

    1. I think we are learning to take our Canadian weather as it comes. No point in complaining, right? Tomorrow could be the opposite!

  2. We got the Storm Warnings, you got the Rain.
    Glad you had a good day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your week.

    It's about time.

    1. Such a small amount of rain in the evening but it must have come overnight. We need it!

  3. What a nice haircut you gave it, looks all neat and tidy. Seems like Gibbs is outgrowing some of his puppy ways and turning into a good little dog. Good job raising him up.

    1. Thank you! I agree, Gibbs is slowly showing improvements. Just the barking and jumping is lingering. ♥

  4. The lane looks great. Glad you had a good day, with some time to relax as well.

  5. That lane does look a lot clearer! Must have been a lot of work!

  6. Other than getting a bit ill after Kris left we had a great day. The lane looks nicely cleaned up.

    God bless.