Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Coldest Day of the Bunch, Birthdays, Family Dinner

The Ridge

Tuesday, May 2nd, I actually heard the alarm this morning. Yesterday, Bill was awake before it went off. Today, it pierced the silence. I’m glad though, as I wanted to get up earlier too. Bill went about getting washed and dressed and finished before Gibbs jumped off the bed to go out. It was 5:45, I think. I lazed in bed, dozing a bit and got up around 6:15.

These mornings are looking very similar
Good thing our pond is nice to look at

What a miserable day! Well, it was expected to be the coldest day of the 7 surrounding days, according to the news reports. Oh well, at least we didn’t get the white stuff as predicted. Also, things improve for the better after Wednesday and that is always good news! Bill left around 6:30 and Gibbs and I relaxed together until about 6:50 when I, too, left the Suite.

It's starting to rain, little bum, let's go
(he's thinking)

I’m back on my regular cleaning schedule starting today and although I wasn’t ‘working’ for M, he’d asked if I could run a couple of errands since I would be out and about. The Mat wasn’t too bad, just the floors but it still took me the hour to get it looking ‘perfect’. I locked up at 8 and headed for Hanover to Car Quest. I was on M’s dime so didn’t stop to visit Donna, who lives on the same street and was having a busy day herself!

After my shower and layering my hair,
I tested the remote for my tripod

Back in Durham, I made a pick up for him and then on my own time, stopped at Foodland for Bill’s bread (no Betty’s though, darn) and then to the hardware to pick up supplies for the Mat. Beth, (the winter lady), left a note that Sandy needed to get a few things. Since I’m on the payroll, so to speak, I took care of it and dropped them off in the locked room. The hardware will get used to seeing me, I'm sure. 

Yup, the remote works!

By the time I returned and dropped the rocker panel off for M, I was chilled. Gibbs was happy to see me but still had to run outside and check BB’s tires. Really, I’m sure he was looking for someone else. It has been raining off and on, lightly, all morning and sure enough, just when Gibbs and I walked down the lane to the mailbox, the rain was on again. We ran back up to the house. Nice and cozy inside. At least I was warm again!

He loves the attention

Tonight, we are meeting a few siblings for supper at Tommy D’s restaurant in Hanover. It has been our tradition ever since we moved up here to the Ridge to get together for our birthdays. Sunday was Gerry’s, today is John’s, tomorrow is Bill and my anniversary.  So we celebrate. 💖 The birthday celebrators get to choose where we go.

Bill, Gayle, Cathy and I had
pina coladas

I always look forward to these outings. Unfortunately, being on a Tuesday rather than a Friday, Bill will be the one rushed the most. He works until 4 and is working in Port Elgin today.  That's an hour from Durham but he is also at the mercy of someone else driving to and from the job site. We hope not to be late but…. I will be ready when he arrives and once he gets cleaned up, we’ll head out to meet the crew.

My stir fry was delicious!
However, I did sneak one of Bill's fries

I pulled out my funky tripod to see if I can get a family picture too. It might be a challenge in a restaurant but we could always ask the waitress to take one. Gibbs and I tested the remote that came with it. 😊 I had my tea a bit early as I was feeling a bit chilly in here. Looking out, it is a wet snow that disappears as soon as it hits the ground. Good thing!

Tracy, our waitress brought John's cheesecake
in a Mason jar - free gratis for his birthday. 
Happy Birthday, John!

We sang Happy Birthday to John but
he sang it to Gerry. 

We left at 5:30 and arrived at Tommy D’s right at 6 pm. Cathy, Bill, Gayle and John were already at the table and Donna and Gerry arrived after us. It was a nice evening, we had a pleasant, fun waitress, pina coladas and delicious entrees. We were all surprised with the fast service for our meals. Bill ordered fish and chips and I ordered a senior’s chicken stir fry. Yum. Mine came with a dessert but I was comfortable without it so I brought my Cherry Crumble home with me.

I don't have room for it tonight
but it looks yummy

After hugs and goodbyes, we all went our separate ways. It was nice to get together. It was a wet snow/rain all the way home and by the time we walked inside, there was no debate. It was snow. Gibbs was happy to see us and vied for our attention as we changed clothes, did banking and wrote a blog. After Bill made his lunch, he sat with the little fellow and we watched American Idol. This was a good day but we are pretty sure we may wake up to a winter wonderland.

What a great picture!
Cathy, Bill, Bill, Patsy, Donna, Gerry, John, Gayle
Good night!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Patsy and Bill!

  2. Happy anniversary! Lovely photo of the group.
    Such a difference in temps. We reached 22C yesterday, with today expecting 25C. I'm sure your snow will disappear quickly, but really? It's May for goodness sake

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! That really is a GREAT picture!!!

  4. Happy Birthday John!
    Happy Anniversary Bill and Patsy.
    It looks like a good time was had by all.


  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Bill and Happy Birthday too John! Looks like a fun family night out.

  6. Happy Birthday to John, and Happy Anniversary when it arrives. You are a good looking bunch.

    God bless.