Thursday, May 11, 2023

From Morning to Late Afternoon – Outside, Special Birthdays

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 11th, we were blessed with an even better day than the previous ones. I figured I complained enough about the cool and damp weather that now I have to do justice to what we are experiencing now. It is gorgeous, a perfect day! It was 13C/55F when Bill and Gibbs went out this morning around 6. It was also nice that Bill didn’t have to set an alarm this morning, he had the day off – in between work sites. 😊

No sunrise photo but instead a surprise
We thought it was early for this but here is Ma and Pa Goose
with their 6 wee babies 💓

The little fuzzy balls are adorable
with their little legs running to keep up 
with Mama

First things first was to wish our daughters, Bridgette and Jess, a wonderful Happy Birthday. We are so proud of the two of them, from different walks of life, come together as step-sisters, making beautiful lives for themselves. Bridgette was my Mother’s Day gift, born on ‘the’ day many moons ago. I love you both very much! 

Happy Birthday, Bridgette

Happy Birthday, Jess!

Secondly, we went to town to run errands. The drug store, the bank, the hardware, the water store and lastly our accountants to pick up our completed Income tax forms. We were both pleasantly surprised with the outcome, although no $$ back, much less to pay out.

Just puttering around taking
care of things

I hadn’t heard from M so we had the whole day together. I received the best news last night, that my ‘kids’ are coming to see me on Sunday! Being up here in the sticks, I know it is a long way for my youngest, especially, to come so I never expect more than a phone call. Which I do get with heartfelt Mother’s Day wishes. This year, I put the invite out instead of just waiting and wondering if anyone will make the drive. They are both coming and my daughter’s spouse too! I’m so happy!

So, Bill and I had our coffee, tea and individual breakfasts before the 3 of us went outside. It was already warm enough for me to be comfortable in a hoody. I got down the lane with the wheelbarrow and cleaned up all but 2 piles closest to us of my raking. Just that 45 minutes had me swearing at the black flies that have begun to make an appearance. I’ll have to locate my screen hat if I’m going to be working outside.

As long as he could find shade, he was happy

Light winds today and lots of sun and heat 

Gibbs came down the lane with me and stuck pretty close to me, testing his luck going down the inclines to the pond’s edge. I heard a splash and sure enough, he was in the water! I called his name but he was already turned around scrambling for shore. What a dirty little mutt! (still, I had to laugh). Of course, then he rolls around in the lane, the grass and anything else he could stretch out on. We had to stay outside until he was mostly dry.

We bought this light cover in Mexico
and Bill installed it today
Can't wait to see it at night!

He bought a wind balloon for his Hangar
Hard to see but it is perfect in 
that space

Bill had a few small jobs that he has wanted to do so took care of those before he hopped on the rider and cut the berm grass. Already, it needs a second cutting. I pulled my battery mower out of the shed and cut the front area, which is easier for me to do than Bill on the big machine. I say ‘easier’ but he gets to ride while I walk, push/pull. I think you know what I mean though. 😊

My 'annoying' garden, is coming along
It would be so much nicer without all the small stones

The purple is coming
These phlox flowers popped this afternoon

Again, the black flies were all around my face so I put my hood up while I finished. It’s big enough that not only did I look like a 20 year old, it covered a lot of my face. I’ll know tomorrow if they got a piece of me. That’s the one thing about spring we don’t like, thankfully they don’t last for more than a week. I was very tired when I finished and I sat with Gibbs in the shade of our awning. My right arm and that stupid trapezius muscle was giving me grief by the time I finished.

Another source of grief,
I'll be glad to have this fire pit 
settled on a permanent base

Bill puttered with a few more small things and then we had our scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch. We were out again right away and he finished the back and front fields before 3:30. Gibbs is the first out the door when we start to move in that direction. He loves it outside, especially if Mom and Dad are with him. Otherwise, he’ll wait at the door like a lost child. “Can Mommy come out to play?”

We have a number of these solar lights
so Bill placed them in my gardens

Inside, I did get the floors swept and then took the Norwex mop handle out to wash the back windows of the Suite. They are dirty enough but it was mostly the streaks from rain that made it hard to see out. The last thing I did was to move the stones away from the fire pit. I’ve mentioned a desire to make a cement pad for it to sit on for a few months – since last spring – and this summer, we’ll do it.

If you see this feeder, do you know
what I saw today?
There were 3 Orioles flying around today
so I'm prepared!
Unfortunately, they are too fast for a picture right now.

Keeping the stones in place and the weeds from growing up between them is a major headache and looks terrible. We’ll set the pit on 4 bricks (under the feet) after it is cemented. I’m looking forward to that! Bill is konked out in his recliner and Gibbs is in a similar position on the cooler laminate floor. I’m having my cup of tea and writing before starting supper. Bill’s request, grilled cheese sandwiches. 😊

Simple supper - again - but it was delicious!

We’ve had a wonderful day together and got a lot of things taken care of. The evening will be watching some tv and/or reading. I finished my book yesterday afternoon so need to choose my next one. I have a cupboard full and really prefer the hard copy to my Kobo. We’ve reached 24C/75F today, now that’s more like it!

The fresh air is so good for all of us
It helps us sleep too!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. We had a mom and dad goose family with seven babies swimming by in the river. It's so cute how they follow along behind. Gibbs sure enjoys life at the Ridge!

  2. Looks like you accomplished a lot!! Love the geese. Maybe Gibbs "accidentally" fell in Mom. He's so funny!!

  3. That Gibbs - I laughed at the visual of him scrambling out of the water.
    I haven't been down to the pond/creek so I'm not certain if we have goslings yet. I'll have to take a walk next week when I'm home from visiting my daughter and grandson.
    It's lovely your children will be able to visit on Mother's Day! Enjoy.