Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Another Lazy Day Here, Family and Friend’s Birthday

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 24th Bill was up and getting ready for work by the time I woke up. I ‘dragged’ myself out of bed (6:15 is too early some days!) and went as far as the bottom step to kiss him goodbye. Gibbs and I went back to bed and I was shocked when I next woke to find it was 7:45. It wasn’t even a late night  last night!

A little purple (of course) wildflower
at the base of our mailbox post.

My ‘in my head’ plan before I got up was to make a tea and then get out to cut some grass. It was to be a much cooler day but I wasn’t prepared for the early morning rain. A couple of hours later, Gibbs and I went for our walk to the corner. On the way back towards home, easterly direction, the cold wind was strong and right in our faces, furthering confirming no lawn cutting this morning.

Get a good look at this fluffy Gibbs
Tomorrow, he gets a hair cut

The afternoon turned sunny
but still cool

We hung about inside while I read and then decided to watch an episode of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisle. It was lunch time so I fried some bacon and an egg and then I made up a batch each of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. They were easy, from a package I bought in Quartzsite for $1. Gotta love that Ken’s! They turned out great with the only ‘negative’ being that they are sugar loaded. Oh well, we’ll eat them slow. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Irises by the Bunky

The garden on the berm
Tiger lilies, evening primrose, hostas

I cleaned the bathroom, sink and shower drain and swept the main floors. Then, time for more Mrs. Maisle. I got caught up in it and 4 episodes later I forced myself to turn it off for another walk to the mailbox with my little guy. It is another great series and I’m only on Season 3. There was a pile of ‘stuff’ in the mailbox, some interesting flyers, a couple of catalogues and recycling.

Our peony bush is thriving from the other end

The wind was still cool but I expected Bill back soon so took a walk around my gardens. I love to see the daily changes in some of my dependable plantings. Back inside, I turned the tv back on and this time found our NCIS reruns on PrimeVideo/Stack TV. We’ve registered with both and Stack is on a 14-day trial. It seems to be a good one, according to my little brother, Michael. So far, we agree!

New hostas, glads and dahlias
are starting in the back half
of the same garden

Bill was home by 5 and neither Gibbs or I heard him come up the lane. ๐Ÿ˜Š M called today and asked for my help tomorrow morning so that is good news. He would only do that if he could make payment for my time. For supper, I baked chicken thighs, cooked Kraft dinner and vegetables. The chicken took 35 minutes and they were perfect and crispy. I finally have the hang of it, I think.

New growth is always encouraging

Primrose, dahlias and glads
in the shovel too

The iris at the Outhouse are beginning to pop


Primrose and cornflowers here

One more little garden
Primrose, and on the right end,
Corabelle aka Bridget's Bloom 

After cleanup, we watched more NCIS and since we finished the Bosch and Bosch Legacy seasons last night, (insert sad face here) we’ll be on the hunt for new things to watch. This has been another lazy day here for me. After a couple of cool days and nights, we only reached 10C/50F today and not much warmer tomorrow, we should start warming up. This up and down is ridiculous.

Supper with a cookie for dessert

Before I close, two birthdays worth mentioning. My oldest step-daughter, Yvonne, is celebrating today as well as our friend, Nancy. Happy Birthday to both of you! I hope it has been a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday, Yvonne!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Try Lincoln Lawyer and Madame Secretary. Also Blue Bloods.

    1. Thankyou!! We've watched some serious of Madame Secretary but would love to see it again. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Gardens are looking great Patsy!

  3. Thank you ... and Happy Birthday Yvonne!!! Your iris are blooming beautifully! One of my favorite flowers!

    1. YW. Iris are so easy to grow, anywhere, so they are a favorite of mine too!

  4. The gardens are looking great! The first of my three hostas is just starting to show signs of life.
    Have a good day at the shop.

  5. Such pretty primroses. I do wish they would grow well here, but they are an annual rather than a perennial. My hydrangea is finally taking off in the perennial bed. I can hardly wait.

    Heck I love fluffy Gibbs as much as well coiffed Gibbs.

    God bless.