Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dare I Complain about the Heat? Nah, We've Waited too Long

The Ridge

Tuesday, May 30th and we have somehow slid incredibly close to the end of the month already. We’ve had a mixed bag of weather but it much improved throughout the latter half and again, has spread some early summer across the land. It’s too soon to be this hot and stay this hot, I will say that without it sounding like a complaint. We’re just not ready for it to stick around for the long haul. 😊

What a wonderful start to our day!

Bill was up and downstairs already by the time my eyes opened to the arrival of this new day. I didn’t have to be anywhere so it was very sweet to sleep in until 6:30. Then, after a kiss and he drove off in Ptooties, Gibbs and I went back to sleep until 7:30! My little snuggle bum beside me, understands ‘go back to sleep’ even without it being said. If we ignore him, he doesn’t bother us.

On the way home, Gibbs heard a big scary noise
behind us at the corner

It was the graders doing the road to the west
He had to keep checking to make sure it wasn't
following us. 

I knew from listening to the forecast this week (hot, hot and hotter), and from experiencing the inside heat yesterday, that today the windows were staying closed. Bill unplugs from power when he leaves but I knew I would most likely be reversing that process to turn the a/c on. I had my tea, played my games and it wasn’t until 10:30 that we went out to water the vegetables and take our walk down the road.

I finally remembered to bring some Iris in the Suite
They look great in our Algodones vase

The pond looking inviting even
though it really isn't. 

I woke up thinking of a project to work on, assuming the bugs and/or heat would prevent me from sitting outside, so did that after our walk. I download daily pictures into a dated folder, as many of you likely do, but I then move them into a general folder eg. ‘Summers’, ‘Snowbird Trips’ (with years and months contained in that folder. I hadn’t moved them since last spring, 2022. Also, my ‘Ladyfest’ folder was neglected and needed those moved from 2021 and on. Now, it’s all done!

Gibbs wasn't the only one opting for shade
today but no flies was a bonus!
I am nursing 3 bites from yesterday!

Nice and cool on the tummy

After I had some lunch, bacon, egg and toast, I turned the a/c on. We’d sat outside for about an hour but there was no breeze at all. I’d finished my book last night, The Friday Night Knitting Club, so started a new one today. It’s written by David Baldacci called Wish You Well. A different type of story for him but very interesting so far. 😊 I worked on the puzzle for a while but left Gibbs inside as it was much nicer indoors for him.

Just after 5, I had my tea and shower, in that order, and both helped to cool me down nicely. Bill was home at 5:45 and when he was ready, he grilled burgers for supper. No cooking inside tonight! 

Our firepit and base all ready for company!
It will be so much nicer to weed trip around this.

My flowering raspberry is looking healthy
the conversation piece sign we have out all summer. 😂

It has been a very quiet relaxing day and the pictures will justify that. Not sure what we’ll get into tonight on tv, perhaps the new episode of NCIS. What a lovely day and hotter tomorrow! The good news is that the black flies seem to be gone. Ssssh. 

Once more the birds are happy.
Oh! I need to find my finch feeder tomorrow.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. So how hot was it anyway? I am curious. (Writing from TX....for the first time this May we've finally topped 90 a bit today. Unusually cool month...or maybe like old times.)

    1. Sorry, I forgot to mention the temperature. For May reaching 86F is unusual and it won't stick around. The humidity, as you likely know in Texas, is ridiculous come summer.

  2. The fire pit looks great and good news about the flies!

  3. Your iris's are nice and big and look good in your MX vase. The firepit looks nicely spruced-up too. I love the sign, lol.

  4. Love the fireplace!! I'm glad the flies have left, at least for the time being. Nasty little buggers. Warming up here too ... up to 100 by Sunday. It should make your flowers and plants grow!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy, I do too! Next, we'll have mosquitoes but up here we only have those in the evening around 9ish for about an hour.

  5. We're getting July weather here too. It looks like it will last through most of next week too. I'm starting to wonder what July is going to bring.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Strange weather these past 6 months for sure. Everywhere it seems.
      Ours drops off to more seasonal come Tuesday. Around 20C's expected.

  6. Hot, hotter and hottest here as well. Our weather is like Maebeme says more suitable for July. We did get some rain today so that will help cool things off a little bit.

    Every time I even think about complaining much about the heat, I just need to remember how long our winters are.

    God bless.

    1. Yup, and this is indeed like July weather. Next week, we cool off, maybe some rain on Saturday.
      You're right, I try not to forget those cool days when I wanted this heat! :) Seems like I'm never satisfied - but I truly am!