Tuesday, May 9, 2023

I Might be Wrong But….

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Apr. 9th I crawled out of bed only on time to say goodbye to Bill. I had nowhere to be so wasn’t keen on getting up at 6:30 for the day. Instead, Gibbs and I watched from my bedroom window to see Daddy leave and we dozed off until 7. That half hour makes a difference to me, giving me time to at least collect my thoughts and assemble plans for the day. 😊

some pictures of the gardens I've been
working on
This garden has hostas, peony bush, evening primrose,
tiger lilies and I added glads and dahlias

The dark soil is where new plantings are
I tried a Gladiola at the end of the irises

I had my tea and yogourt while sitting with Gibbs and I also played my Wordle games. I noticed a hummingbird around the red bird feeder so immediately boiled some food for them and pulled the glass feeders out. They needed to be washed and then filled. Then, we (I) dressed for outdoors. It was around 10C/50F so not too bad. My jacket wasn't on for very long. There was more crawling around on hands and knees as I added dirt to the plants I put in the gardens yesterday.

The irises continue to propagate no matter
where I place them

I cleaned up around the irises around the Bunky and then in the corral, I had to pull a lot of grass away from the irises I planted there last fall, on a whim. I’d love them to do what they do best and spread out but that might be asking the impossible. All I can do is try. I emptied 2 more bags of the black earth and spread that in the gardens that needed it. I needed a break so made a coffee and sat at the picnic table with Gibbs. 

The eggs and bacon were the best part
Oh, and the melted butter

I am blown away but how much better he is this spring, when I’m outside working. He hardly wanders and when he does, it is never too far and he comes when called – mostly. 😊When he’s tired of being good and on his own, he’ll walk into the dirt I’ve just placed and grab a stick or a rock to get my attention. He has to be Gibbs, after all, doesn't he?♥ 

And then my little helper crashes

I have 2 rhubarb patches
and it improves each year

We came in while I had lunch, he had to be convinced, and I tried a couple of pieces of the bread I made (!) with my bacon and eggs. I forced it down and threw the last 5 pieces in the garbage. Yeuch, it’s not worth it. I may need to order some of the Betty’s Light bread from somewhere. My Foodland, Walmart nor Independent have it on their shelves.

Maybe one year, I'll get a full patch

I called to follow up on the flower arrangement I’d ordered on Friday. I hadn’t heard anything nor had I been charged so I wanted to be sure they’d be delivered to the funeral home this afternoon. All is well and I passed the info along to my siblings. Everyone is chipping in. The florist is sending a picture so I can show everyone. We may not see them unless the family takes them to the church for tomorrow's funeral. 

On the corral hill, I've tidied around
the irises

Then, it was time to rake the sides of the lane. Gibbs was with me, off leash, for a while but I was fearful of what he’d do if a car went by so I brought him up to his rope while I finished. Boy, that is a long lane! I’ve left multiple piles all along it, up both sides, and will go down later or another day to gather them. My back and arms have had quite enough for this day. Oh, to be 20 years younger!

Same with the periwinkle and the bush
I can't remember the name of

Gibbs and I sat in the sun, it was mostly a haze but still quite warm. He dozed while I read my book. I’m happy to get back to it, it got abandoned for a few days. I mentioned something odd in my title so I’ll explain. Just a little drama. There are so many things a** over apple cart at M’s these days so I’m not sure how much I’ll be working for him this summer. He brings a lot of stuff on himself and handling finances is one of the things that affect me.

You might be able to see the piles 
along the lane

If he can’t pay me, I’ll not be working for him. It’s up in the air right now as I know he needs to finish this pickup – yesterday. I’ve gone through a summer like this before, where my time got documented on his calendar and he’d pay me a few days at a time but we never caught up all season. I hate to ‘lose’ the job as I’m enjoying the body work stuff, I enjoy having cash in my ‘wallet’, but also, I feel like I’m contributing to our winter expenditures. Fingers crossed it works out but right now, it seems like a black hole.

A different angle of the pond looking to the west

At 3, the air cooled a bit again so Gibbs and I came inside for me to have a cup of tea. Bill was home later, around 6, but we were outside waiting for him. He texts as he comes through Durham so the little guy isn’t running free. We had fish and chips for supper although I had Brussel sprouts with my fish instead.   After clean up, Bill made his lunch and we enjoyed the evening together.

Bill's fries looked yummy but
I was quite content with my meal

We’ve had another awesome day, reaching 16C/61F and we’ve been unplugged from power for a couple of days in a row. Yay! More warm weather to come, finally, things are improving. 😊

The sun remained yellow even through
the clouds
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Looked like a fun day! Dinner looked great!

  2. My goodness, your yard is looking awesome. I hope that things work out with the job.

    God bless.

  3. It's too bad M is having problems, but I completely agree. Yes the money is nice (think pumpkin patch) but not worth the hassle. Your yard and garden is looking fabulous!!!

  4. That's a shame about M. I do you enjoy doing something different, and having work so close by means a short commute. But, it isn't fair if he isn't paying you for your hours.
    Gibbs is growing, he's not such a puppy anymore. What a good boy!

    1. thank you Maebeme. We'll have to see about the job. Yes, Gibbs is growing up.

  5. Definitely look around for the Betty bread as I find it's hit and miss. My local Foodland (town of 2000 people) stocks it but the bigger one in Cobourg doesn't. I think each store decides what to bring in. Maybe email the company and ask who stocks it locally?

    1. Thank you, I will see what I can find out by emailing them. I appreciate it.