Saturday, May 6, 2023

Finally, Some Nice Weather on a Weekend

The Ridge

Saturday, May 6th we were awake and mobile around 7. I couldn’t believe it was morning already! I’m ‘Mrs. 8 hour sleep’ if there was such a thing so getting home last night at 11:30 really threw my sleep schedule in the potty. It’s okay, or should I say ‘acceptable’ because it was a wonderful evening. 😊 The route we took, which was different for us, was quite pleasant. A few shower pictures first. 

Marilynne, Krystal and Charlotte

L to R - Jess, Sophie, Riley, Olivia in back
Victoria, Michelle, Danielle

Yvonne in the pink
and Carol
I don't see Liz but she was also present

Cute cookies

Yvonne and Charlotte put on a great baby shower for their sister, Krystal, and her younger sister, Jess, surprised many by flying home from Alberta to partake. I was happy to attend and grateful for Bill driving. 

Clarke is hoping Braeden drops

Chloe wants to see if the begging thing
Beautiful dogs
Gibbs was a little shy with the two of them,
Clarke was very curious about him

It was nice to see Bill’s siblings, stepmom, and some of our grandchildren. Krystal got a lot of nice things. Today is forecast to be the nicest day of the weekend, or the next few for that matter so we wanted to get at it.

Back to today
The sky was pretty but
questionable for a while

I sorted our 3 loads of laundry, the most we’ve had in – well, ages – and drove into the Mat for 7:30. I took my to-go tea with me as I didn’t want to waste anymore time than I had to. The laundromat was empty, which is always nice when I have to clean, so I got changed from the office ‘pot’ and loaded the washers. It is pretty much always an hour to clean everything but today I had enough time to dust the high areas and window ledges as well.

How my day started

Before leaving home, I decided to bring the clothes home and hang them on the line. The sky was ‘iffy’ to the west when I left but cleared out for a nice day. The clouds never did give up the fight entirely, but enough to dry the clothes and for us to get out and work in the yard. First off, I finished yesterday’s blog. 😊 Bill hopped on the mower and cut the berm, the front yard, the back field and the corral before lunch. I raked and raked and raked until many parts of my body cried out for me to stop.

The cardinal visited twice today
One of two Mama Gooses sitting on her nest
with Father Goose nearby

I don’t usually rake leaves up here but I wanted certain areas free of leaves, especially the gardens before the plants grew too much. I took my life in my hands and raked the hill, my nemesis, in the corral. I know I’m exaggerating but it is the one thing I would change, if I could. There’s just nothing to be done with it, safely. We had our bacon and eggs for lunch and Bill went to the front field while I finished and gathered the leaves, twigs and stones that rolled down the hill. Glad we have a brush pile.

As soon as I sit on the ground to work in the garden,
Gibbs comes running. πŸ’–
Be still my heart.

When I was done with that, I finished emptying the lawn ornaments from the Restroom/Outhouse and swept and wiped it all down. It is now ready for company, if, and when they arrive. 😊 Next up, will be a good cleanout of the Bunky, but not today. I brought the clothes in and Bill got his put away, right away. I was too tired to attempt it – yet. We didn’t have enough dirty laundry to do it last weekend BUT this was too much. Live and learn.

After cleanup

Gibbs has been the best little puppy today. He would run around but never stray too far from Mom or Daddy’s side. He sure was zonked out when we all came inside at 3. I felt hungry so had an apple with some cheese before making a cup of tea.  I needed something to tie me over until supper. Then we rested. 😊 With a bit of snooze for each of us, we all went back outside and worked away until 6 when it was time to start supper.

Cutting the front field

I hadn’t planned on raking the whole corral but there were so many little twigs from the trees in there. Each winter, we have them but this year it seems like so many more, even bigger ones. So, Bill fiddled around in the Hangar, happy to get his hands on an airplane, I cleaned up the area inside and outside the corral and Gibbs moved back and forth between us, taking time for rests, of course.

Our pretty little outhouse

Bill grilled burgers and the absence of hamburger buns didn’t upset our meal at all. He had his on a lightly toasted sandwich and I had mine wrapped in a lightly warmed keto tortilla. Yum, they were delicious! After clean up, which was very little, Bill went upstairs to watch a Saturday night movie while the satellite is still available and I worked on my blog downstairs watching a few vet shows.

this was good and with keto tortilla too!

Gibbs spends a lot of time up here where he
can watch both of us plus the road

another pretty sky

This has been a wonderful day in every way. We now have a plethora of clean clothes, the lawns are cut and everything has been raked. I’m hoping the rain holds off in the morning so I can pick up the piles I left this afternoon. 😊 We reached an awesome sunny temperature of 18C/64F with a whole lot more sun that what they expected us to get.

This is how we're all feeling tonight.
PS - I have to close windows, the chorus frogs
are very very loud! πŸ˜‚
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It sure looks nice up there at the Ridge. It's so nice that you found your diamond!

  2. It's a satisfying feeling to do good works. It may take you a day or 2 to recover but having things all neat and tidy to start is it's own reward. Glad your weather is perking up.

    1. I agree about the payoff and when the weather is so iffy, we have to react quickly to get things done.

  3. Guard Dog duty ... it's tough, but someone has to do it.

  4. How wonderful that the entire family could be there for the baby shower. I forget to mention yesterday that I liked the little lovey you made for the baby. Very cute!
    Your temperature and ours matched yesterday, but your work ethic and mine were entirely different. I had an afternoon nap, too, but spent most of the day parked on the couch watching sports.

  5. Sounds like a great day!! Thanks for the fun read.

  6. It's looking like a good week ahead!