Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Goodbye, Aunt Fern, Reunions

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 10th I was up at 6:15 and downstairs to say goodbye to Bill before he left at 6:30. I followed soon after and arrived at the Mat at 6:45. It wasn’t too bad at all and I found extra things to do to fill in the hour before leaving at 7:45. Once back home, I hopped in the shower and readied myself for a funeral. My Aunt Fern is being laid to rest today.

a lovely morning to start the day

It's a lovely day for a funeral, all emotions set aside, with a high of 21C/69F. I picked Donna up and then we drove to The Village senior apartments to pick up our last remaining uncle. Yes, Uncle Jerry is the ‘last of the Whitbourns’ and at 90, he is pretty darn amazing. I believe they all lived to a ripe age, over 85. It was a touching service, mostly Darcy’s family reflection of life with their mom.

I'm glad the florist sent this
picture, the flowers were not at the church
(at least I didn't see them)

It was 2:45 when I returned home to our little house-sitter. 😊 He was happy to see me, after 5 ½ hours so I changed and we went outside together for a little while. I felt exhausted for some reason so inside we sat and dozed in my chair. I was quite surprised when Bill drove up the lane an hour later. He had Black Beauty today so I could have Ptooties and he was creeping up really slowly. Gibbs heard him before I did.

The lunch put on by the church ladies
was, as always, wonderful

I made my tea and when Bill went to the Hangar, I took my book outside and while Gibbs played, ran up and down between us and rolled in the grass, I finished it. Jodi Piccoult’s The Book of Two Ways is definitely a different read but between the paragraphs of Egyptology history, it is a really good story. For supper, I barbecued wieners and inside made the simple mac and cheese. It was filling and we each had a small yummy square from the funeral lunch. 😊

Oh, that grass feels so good!

Our night was filled with watching recorded programs and relaxing. Bill doesn’t have to work tomorrow and my day is up in the air right now. Seeing our cousins today is like a reunion, regardless of the situation, but isn't that usually the way things go? It was still nice to see them. This has been a sad but good day for the family to say goodbye.

Tonight's slap happy meal 
Good night!

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  1. It is so sad that you lost your Aunt but also nice that you had a chance to catch up with relatives.

  2. Funerals can be bittersweet, on one hand there is the loss of a loved one, and on the other sharing time and memories with family we don't see often is often a blessing.
    On a silly note, I recall people coming to funerals just for the lunch in my hometown.

  3. I always find funerals stressful and really exhausting. It seems like the older we get the only time we really get together is at a funeral of some family member or friend.

    God bless.