Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Taking the Day Off from Gardening

The Ridge

On Tuesday, May 23rd, I got up around 6:15 mainly to say goodbye to Bill. I needed to clean the Mat but wasn’t planning on arriving before 7:30. After Bill left with Black Beauty, he needs to tow the work trailer today from Milmay and their job site is in Port Elgin – an hour and a half away. Me thinks a long day is ahead for him.

Interesting sky this morning
It cleared out within an hour or so

I had my tea with Gibbs and at 7 left him in charge of the family home. He takes his reward treat gracefully with nary a peep. The Mat was free of customers but was in a bit of a state so I set to work. I had no problem filling an hour and 15 minutes today but that always feels good, earning my wage. 😊 Just before I left, a couple of Sandy’s employees (his plumbing/heating business) came in to flush the sewer system. They said they hoped not to make a mess. Nice guys again.

Two families taking their time
down the lane

This family seems to have 'adopted' 4 from
another family
They are darker in colour and smaller than the
original 5. 💖

I had no other stops so scooted home to our little house sitter. It was gearing up to be a warm day, 24C/75F, which it easily reached by noon hour. I have noticed 3 black fly bites on my neck, face and arm plus from holding the whipper snipper for so long, my biceps were now protesting. That decided it for me, I took a Benadryl before I left the Suite to ease the itching and wasn’t going to cut the lawn today after all.

The front field looks great after Bill's cut

The feeders are almost empty - again
The Rose-breastedd Grosbeak can reach
in and get the bottom seeds

Unfortunately, the Benadryl seems to be making me incredibly drowsy yet fortunately, it wasn’t until after I returned home. Good thing I didn’t take two! Gibbs and I went upstairs and I crashed (we both did) for an hour! I felt much better when I got up but still wasn’t going to test fate. We went for our walk and removed the boards from the newly cemented firepit base before I situated my butt in the Bunky. The puzzle is safe to ‘work’ on today. 😊

I'm not sure what this wildflower is
but it's all up and down the lane

It grows like a vine

Gibbs spent his time chasing Chippy and snoozing in any shady spot he could find. I’m going to have to put him back in a sink of warm water tomorrow though, his belly has more sticky needles. He goes to the groomer on Thursday and I don’t want it to be her responsiblity. Mainly, I don’t want her missing them and snagging them with the clippers!! He wanted to go in the Suite around 4, thinking I was staying inside too, but I worked on the puzzle until closer to 5.

On our walk to the church and back
Gibbs headed straight for the shade
He looks cute in the field of flowers.

Bill still wasn’t home but called to inform me of his eta. Supper is chicken balls, fried potatoes and veggies. He’ll be zonked so I want a quick meal allowing him time for a quick snooze before we eat. It was a quiet evening, watching the Voice and maybe squeezing in a couple of Bosch episodes before bedtime. Soon, we’ll have to find something else to watch and put our new system to the test again.

I made huge progress today!

Supper, quick, easy and tasty

This has been a wonderful easy day for Gibbs and I. Nice weather with possible rain overnight. That will give my plants another dose of watering. 😊

With a flash of red in my peripheral vision

Mr. Cardinal has returned to clean up
the grass. 
Good night!

Thank you for the visit. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Hi Patsy- re:umbrella base; I thought of shipping to you or meet halfway somewhere,lol.I am in Midland on Georgian Bay so if you wish,advise via the e mail.Cheers.

  2. I just love those little geese!! Everywhere you look has a beautiful view. Benadryl makes me really sleepy too, so I'm not surprised you crashed ... and I only take Baby Benadryl!! I see the dandelions are in full bloom!!

  3. That is such a pretty puzzle, you're tearing it up! Now that warmer weather is coming on I bet Gibbs will be happy to get his summer cut. Those sprouts look delish.

  4. Your place is so pretty! The puzzle is turning out great..those colors!

  5. The pond looks really nice now and I bet it has all kinds of living creatures in it. As to that pretty wildflower, you might Google: Dryas Octopetala Oxyodonta. It is a Perennial.

  6. Aww, what a cute family of geese. Our Grosbeaks seem to have traveled further north but I am enjoying the finches, red polls, and orioles. Greedy robins not so much.

    God bless.

  7. Not certain how I missed your post this morning. I searched your photo of the wildflowers on Google Lens, and it suggests this would be a Western chokecherry. However, I know that chokecherries grow on trees, not vines...so I'm not certain what it might be.
    I sure the black flies are almost done for the season, darn bloodsuckers!

    1. I'll check out that choke cherry, thank you.
      I hope the flies are soon gone.