Friday, May 26, 2023

What Did I Get Up to Today? (not busy like Lorne!) 😊

The Ridge

Friday, May 26th I didn’t have to go anywhere. I thought I might take a trip into town but…….since it was so nice, I stayed home. Bill left at his usual 6:30 with a kissy send off from Gibbs and I. I hope he has a fairly easy day. He took Black Beauty today in case he needs to move the work trailer to the next destination for Monday. I also hope it isn’t such a late day for him.

Our day started with a walk
and an encounter with the geese families

I had my tea and yogourt and then Gibbs and I ventured out for our morning walk. I’d stayed inside with him for a couple of hours though, since I was up at 7, I played my online Word games with family and also with Doug and Nancy. 😊 It’s a great way to keep in touch over the summer with these good friends. We share more than just game scores.

The church is his turnaround
Woops, no shade here!

Gibbs enjoyed the walk, following his new ‘usual’ path up to the church, in that parking lot, into the grassy area and then back out to the road. Then home. There are so many sniffs out there and he always reserves a drop or two of piddle for those plants that another pooch has claimed! Walking out the lane at 9 though, I had to restrain him on his leash. 3, count ‘em, 3 goose families were just coming into our lane off the road.

I knew something was in the grass the way he stopped
and kept jumping back
I hope the little frog was okay, he didn't move other
than blinking his eyes

Up here, we let him chase them off the front yard and berm but they are welcome to walk in the lane, he just doesn’t realize that – yet. 😊 They veered into the east pond and swam away peacefully, knowing they were out of reach. I couldn’t count the children but there had to be 10 altogether. Back home, I let him off leash half way up the lane and he raced the whole way, stopping only once to see if ole slow poke was coming.

After my work, WE needed a rest

I got the weed eater/whipper snipper out and lo and behold, it started for me! I had my hat with mesh face cover on since there were a few bf’s still hovering for a bite. I’d also wiped spray on my face as well as Gibbs’, they like him too! I was happy with the job I did in an hour and put it away, red in the face and kapooped. It doesn’t take much anymore to tire me out. Blech! Then we sat and rested together for an hour and came inside. 😊

I never quite realized before just
how tall this corral tree is!
The hydro wires are not as close as they look here.

There’s a little gift project that I’m working on, so it can’t be named, but I worked away until noon when I made a plate of appropriate lunch foods. It was very good and filling. Out we went again and this time, I dug a couple of areas in the ‘dreaded’ corral hill for some phlox. What I planted last spring/fall (?) has taken root so it will be nice to have more purple taking over in there too. It grows even through weeds and rocks apparently.

This is the 'dreaded' hill garden
It looks messy but things seem to be coming up
Soon enough the evening primrose will take over
with colour.
The arrows show where I just added more phlox.
I'll have to water them daily too.

I needed to move a small grouping of hostas from the big garden to planted it in the new east hill garden. I’m feeling a bit proud of what I have accomplished there but I still say ‘if we won enough $$, we’d buy the place and hire someone to come in and landscape the hills in the corral’. Ouch, that would cost a bundle so I’d better buy a ticket. All I have to do is ‘Dreeaaam, dream, dream, dreeam, Dreeaaam.’

A walk to check the mail.
I'm glad Bill cut the fields on Monday,
that gives him a break this weekend.

With that done, I put things away and sat once more with the little boy. He, in the shade, and Mom in the sun. 😊 We make a great team. We filled the bird feeders today, welcoming them all back once more and then we picked some dandelions. A mention on my blogger friend’s post made me curious. I’m going to TRY to make some dandelion oil, not wine, oil. Gibbs helped me pick by sniffing out the good ones and I still left a lot on the berm hill.

Thank you Jackie for the tip.
I looked Dandelion Oil up and the benefits
make it worthwhile to try!

After washing the heads, they are drying in the Bunky. Gibbs stayed indoors while I went out to arrange things in the Bunky. It was looking cramped. Then I got a new puzzle out of the box. First, I took a badly needed shower. A couple of days of yardwork makes Patsy well, you know. Then I started a post and poured myself a Palm Bay cooler. Happy Hour for one.

I let Gibbs off his leash
The first picture is the look "wanna race Mom?"
The second is after the first lap "are you coming?"

The temperature today is a balmy 19C/66F with a very slight occasional breeze. Perfect weekend temps! We sat outside until Bill returned home for the weekend. The Grosbeak is back, feasting and since my hummer feeders are empty, that is next on the agenda. Coming right up!

In a race, form doesn't matter.
Your ears can flop and fly if they need to.
Bottom picture: "Why are you so slow, Mom?"

Still running up along the fence.
It's shady there and he can keep a watch
out for Chippy
Um, he won, by the way.

I don’t know what supper will be, maybe toasted tomato sandwiches. It seems like we repeat a lot of the same thing and the freezer isn’t offering much variety. Bill is very easy to please and as long as his tummy gets filled, he’s a happy man. I got the puzzle border started and sat with Gibbs outside until Bill got home at 5:15 with a bladder of water from the Acreage. Double duty! The evening will be a quiet one, with some tv and Bill will be down in the Hangar to get ready for a morning of flying. It has been a great day!

This is the next big puzzle and
how I have to work on it.
Border pieces are in the middle,
they will be done first. 😂
Good night!

Thank you for popping in. Happy weekend!


  1. I didn't get mine picked today as I weeded my garden areas and it wasn't the best thing to do with my back right now. At least my ribs aren't bothering me anymore. I can take nice big breaths. Plan on picking mine tomorrow and getting my oil made.

    You are having wonderfully sunny days. I am hoping for rain in the evenings and clear sunny days so as to get one more area cleaned out of weeds.

    Love the little frog. We don't see many of those any longer.

    God bless.

    1. the oil is new for me so I hope I'm doing it right. At least we don't have to pay for the flowers!
      I'm glad your ribs are improving, I feel your pain. Take it slow.
      You're right, I seldom see frogs here, even with the pond. I hear them plopping into the water though.

  2. I'm having to wash and refill the hummer feeders every second day. Going to try the dandilion oil.

    1. I used to think the liquid leaked out or the wind emptied the feeders but maybe they do drink it all!

  3. That certainly did sound like a busy day. We have the same problem trying to pick what to have for supper thats not on our restaurant menu. Toasted tomato is a go to for me.

    1. I'd be happy to have a little fairy come in and plan my meals. I'll make it, just plan it for me.

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  5. You seem to find the best puzzles!!! I always like working in the garden ... you can stand back and feel accomplished, along with getting a little exercise. Love seeing Gibbs and the geese!

    1. I get lucky with puzzles and it helps when friends share! :)

  6. Sounds like a lovely day, with a few enjoyable chores and some fun too. I suspect Gibbs wins most of the races. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you and you as well! It's going to be a hot one. Wheeee!