Sunday, May 28, 2023

Making Short Work of a Saturday

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 27th we all slept in until 6:30. That doesn’t sound like sleeping in to some of you, but at least Bill didn’t have an alarm to get him up at 5:30 and although Gibbs was awake snuggled beside me for half hour, he didn’t bother his Daddy until Bill made the first move. 😊 I wanted to get into town by 7:30 so got up as well and we all prepared for the day. With the clothes sorted, I left at 7:15 for the Mat.

As I pulled out of the lane,
this family with 12 children,
had just crossed the road.
No enhancement here at all, just
a sun directional change. 

Bill left by 8 to go flying. Two loads in the machines and I was cleaning when Donna walked in. She’d told me that she would stop in on her way to FS Co- op to get plants. When I finished work and laundry, I drove to Foodland for milk, bread and a handful of other things we would need over the weekend. I’ll do a big shopping first of the week in Hanover. Then I nipped across the street where Pamela (at the Co-op) helped answer my questions about pot planting.

Gibbs help me hang the clothes by
not going too far from my side

Often, I look at our home and 
realize how grateful I am for my life.
I love what we're making of it together. ♥

This is the story of Parental Obedience.
It looks like: 'Can you bring Mom that flower pot?'
Instead it is: (in a sterner voice) "Bring Mom that pot!" 

My vegetables all done!
I watered after taking this picture and staked my tomatoes
so the pots are actually cleaned up. I'm a messy gardener!

Ha ha, not ‘pot’ planting but which tomatoes would do best planted in pots. 😊 I’m sure I could figure ‘pot’ planting out if I was inclined to do so! I came home with 4 tomato, 6 pepper and 6 spinach plants. All looking nice and healthy. I also bought a 30-litre bag of 3 in 1 soil, as she suggested, with peat moss in the mix. Back home, I hung the laundry with Gibbs’ help and then I got my hands in the dirt with planting. πŸ˜‰ It feels great to finally settle something that I’ve been wrestling with.

Well, hello Jack!
My Bridget's Bloom are ready to pop all over
the Ridge too. πŸ’˜

Bill wasn’t home by 12:30 so Gibbs and I came inside for lunch and then we went out to water the pots. What was next? Well, not much other than filling the hummer feeders and mixing up an extra batch for refills. Then, we rested. It was around 2:30 that my hungry pilot returned home to us. He’d taken snacks so certainly wasn’t starving. 

This is a story of overcrowding.
These hostas in my big garden need to
relocate. Are there any properties available?

He and Gibbs had their snooze and I went out to work on the puzzle. With the border done, we all drove over to the Acreage for Happy Hour with my sisters and their husbands.

Gibbs occasionally remembers his little bed
He's on leash here waiting for Daddy to come up the lane
He is getting 'better' with the car chasing but with the cargo
trailer maneuvering, I'd rather have him restrained.

A plan was made to meet at Country Corner in Durham for supper at 6:30 so we scooted Gibbs home and drove into town. It was quiet and a nice meal at a normal little family restaurant, in a town where many regulars dine. I had a chicken quesadilla in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. That was new to me and it was delicious! Donna and I ordered the same thing and we had no doggie bags tonight. We were hungry!

Gibbs is very social and will sit on anyone who'll
welcome him. It's easier if you close your legs though! πŸ˜…
Right hand picture story: "I am a responsible parent, I am a
responsible parent". Woops!

Back home by 8, we brought the clothes in off the line together and Bill went to the Hangar for a bit. I won’t lie, I’m feeling tired so this post will not be done until morning. Instead, I watched a couple of episodes of Mrs. Maisle. It has been an awesome day and I found some tv to stream before bed. 

Now, I'm spoiled and will want a sun-dried tortilla
with every quesadilla!

The temperature reached a lovely 25C/76F with even warmer days ahead. There was hardly a breeze today so kind of perfect. πŸ˜‰

Out the window of our home,
the sun was ready to drop below the tree line.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Looks like perfect planting weather to me!! And your planting partner is above reproach ... sort of!!!!

  2. Oh that Gibbs - the photos of him with the container are hilarious!
    You know you're in the right place when you look around and feel content. You and Bill have definitely created a good life together with your home on the Ridge, and the ability to enjoy travelling too.

  3. Cute picture of Gibbs sitting on the lap.