Saturday, May 6, 2023

A Tease or Taste, Today was Busy and I'm Gleeful!

The Ridge

On Friday, May 5th, I join the group again of TGIF! I’ve only worked 3 days at the shop and 2 days at the Mat plus running around and I’m ready for the weekend. 😊 As Bill said last night, I just feel tired. That’s just 'starting back' aches though, I hope. So, today, the sky was blue when I woke up and looked out. I must say though that it wasn’t until Gibbs started barking at Bill when he came up to say goodbye that I even opened my peepers! LOL

Even though it wasn't a full sunny day
it was nice to see it first thing.

We’re not sure if Gibbs is jealous or protective but the point is that I was deep in sleep and never heard them get up at 5:30 or 6:00. Whatever the dream was, I only recall that it was a pleasant one. I didn’t get up until 7 and that’s when I noticed the clear sky. Yay, I thought, it was mostly a tease as the clouds soon realized that they’d been duped and returned in the form of a poufy blanket with the occasional holes.

I had my tea and yogourt, catching some early visitors and then turned all the lights on, upstairs and down. I wanted to vacuum today, that was yesterday’s plan, but instead, I used our rubber broom on carpets as well as the laminate floors. The hope of finding my diamond, was slim to nil but I had to try. In my mind, I was 98% sure it was lost just around the supper hour.

The birds were active and noisy today
Wait! That's not a bird in the first picture!
We've never had squirrels, where'd he
come from?

You can imagine my surprise, glee and relief when I heard something in the dirt pile. 😊 😊 Not sure how we missed it last night, crawling around with a flashlight and on our knees, but we did. I texted Bill right away with a picture and then tucked it in a tiny pouch for the day when we can get it fixed. Bill has found a jeweler close by. 

It's not clear but it doesn't matter
I FOUND it!!

Then, Gibbs and I went outside to spread some black earth in the small gardens and around the trees. Gibbs grabbed the empty bags and ran around, hoping I’d try and retrieve them. Emptying the bags into the wheelbarrow worked best for me and after using up 4 bags out of 10, we stopped for a break and I had my coffee. Inside, the dirty little piggy, almost instantly fell asleep on my laptop. We’d walked down the road earlier and with all his running around like a whirling dervish, he was pooped out!

Another one not clear, but at least I
snuck up on them. 

I just let him sleep before I had to move him 💓

I had a few things on my list to do so after the outside work, I cleaned my hands, placed an order for sympathy flowers, wrapped a shower gift, createed and printed a gift card, called Gibbs’ groomer for an appointment, had lunch, showered, and got dressed for tonight before starting my blog post. Then we went back out to put the wheelbarrow and rake away before walking down the lane to check the mailbox.

Doesn't that sky look promising?

The decision, should we head back for home?

or should we keep going - big decision
We headed home

Look at that dirty face!

Bill is only working until 2 today as we must leave for Alma and Tavistock at 5 for a baby shower for Krystal, Bill’s 3rd daughter. 😊 He needs a shower and maybe a snooze before we head out. Krystal is getting very close to her delivery date of June 3rd.

She and Matt will make wonderful parents. 

I am pretty sure this hard worker
needs a raise!

We had nice amounts of sunshine today but it was short lived each time. I think rather than a tease of nice weather, it was more like a taste of what is around the corner. I hope so! The birds are frequenting the feeders, making short work of a full container but it is still nice to see them back. First time to see the goldfinches today so I’m happy about that.

I use my Merlin bird app often and today
these were our visitors.

 I played my afternoon Wordle games while waiting for Bill to return and made myself a cup of tea. Supper is grilled cheese sandwiches, early – like at 4:30 – as we’ll be on the road over the supper hour. 

Yummy and quick

The trip is a 90-minute drive to our destination. We’re picking the guest of honour up on our way so she doesn’t have to drive. I'll include a few pictures of the evening in Saturday's post, this is late enough as it is. 

The card I made online

Her little cow didn't turn out too bad 
and  she seemed pleased.
Yes, now you've seen the project. 😉

What a nice day, I’m so grateful for the day off. Gibbs went with us for the evening and stayed with his Daddy. Hopefully they can entertain themselves. 😊

The lovely Momma-to-be
Taken a month ago
Good night!

Thank you for the visit and Happy Friday!


  1. Wow wow wow that's amazing to find the diamond. What a beautiful mama!

  2. Congratulations to Krystal and Matt! Definitely an exciting time for the couple.
    Wonderful news that you located your diamond too. Your perseverance paid off.

  3. Three cheers for you! And for Krystal. Bill might like to know that the pizza parlour he worked on here has ended up as the local florist shop.

    1. Thank you!
      Oh my goodness! I guess pizza won't work as well on Mothers Day. ☺️

  4. SO HAPPY you found the diamond. What a relief!!!