Monday, May 15, 2023

Happy Mother’s Day! Mine Was Wonderful and Birds, Birds, Birds

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 14th when Bill and Gibbs got up at 6:15, I woke up and then got up at 6:30. I had to clean the Mat and launder Bill’s work clothes from Friday. All the other clothes were washed when I was in last. The Mat was pretty busy but the first customer, Dollar Dave, (He owns the $ store in town) didn’t arrive until I’d been there for 15 minutes so I had our laundry in and the dryer lint cleaned by then. I finished up around 8 and popped into Foodland before heading home. 

The rose-breasted Grosbeak
He's so pretty and this is his first vacation
at the Ridge ♥

It was a windy, cool morning, only around 4C/40F but I knew when I hung the few articles of clothing that they would dry fairly quickly. I had slipped out before 7 and was home by 8:15. I’m sure our Airstream neighbours were up but just not out yet. I didn’t blame them, after the two warm days, this wasn’t a morning to sit out with a coffee. Bill was puttering around inside and outdoors.

The cloud formations are
always photo worthy

After my tea, I got the dusting mitt out and tidied up inside. I meant to do a sweep of the floors at some point during the day but woops! I didn’t get to it. Bill and Duncan took the truck down to the end of the lane and within the hour, they had the heavy steel entrance gate plus posts removed. The posts must be cemented in so Duncan got his grinder out to cut them off. We will be replacing this gate with a lighter-weight version before we depart in October. 

It looks very different without the gate

The gate is down

Inspector Gibbs checking that Duncan
did it right

That gate gets heavier and heavier each year! 😊 Nah, I know it is because Bill of our age that it gets harder to lift and close. Patty, Gibbs and I just hung around up here, sitting in the sun with our books, listening to the melody of all the birds. They are plentiful this spring! πŸ’• 

I've never seen such presence from the Orioles before

Patty would put her book down and go for a walk
across the lot to stretch her legs and back.
Gibbs would go with her. 😍

None of us felt too energetic today and why not on Mother’s Day? Gibbs is learning to sit with us when a vehicle moves up and down the lane so that is good. He still likes to run beside Daddy’s truck but at least it is ‘beside’ now instead of around and around, making it heart-stopping for us.

Even Mrs. Oriole was ever-present

We had westerns for lunch and both Bill and I had our showers before my daughter arrived. Bridgette and Chris arrived at 2:15 and how lovely it was to see their smiling faces and receive their warm affectionate hugs. We visited for a while before Duncan and Patty returned from a walk and joined us. 

L to R
Bridgette, Chris, Bill, Duncan, Patty
Gibbs is peeking from a shaded spot

The sun was shining in various stages, clear and then filmy clouds lessened its strength so it was perfect. The breeze was cool but it helped to keep the pesky flies at by. Chris was their attraction today and he got bit a few times.

Bill barbecued burgers and bacon on the Weber around 5 and I readied the salads and condiments indoors. It was cozy with us three ladies at the table and the guys on the sofa and chairs. 

I got my best China plates out for the meal
Easily disposed of!

Although Patrick couldn’t make it today, I felt filled with love. It was a wonderful afternoon and after supper, we all walked around a bit outside looking at the gardens. The flies were terrible between 6:30 and 7 so Bridgette and Chris got on the road and Duncan and Patty went indoors. It was then I remembered Bill’s work clothes were still on the line.😊

Sharing the droppings
Mr. Cardinal, Mr. BlueJay, Chippy

I felt tired and with Harry Bosch on the screen, I couldn’t focus on my blog. That’s my explanation for the late posting and I’m sticking to it! What a wonderful day!

It all turned out very well!
Good night!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Thank you for your visit!



  1. Good day to you Patsy, Bill and Gibbs,
    So nice to see you had a wonderful Mother's day, I did as well. Family time is always
    a great treat. Your gardens are looking great with all the hard work you two (whoops) three
    are doing. You sure have a sweet bunch of woodland creatures roaming around on the
    ridge. Nice variety of birds too. Enjoy today too.
    Take care of yourself and each other. Sincerely Melynda.

    1. Your comments are always such a treat! Thank you for popping in every so often to say 'hey'. The birds a plentiful this year, more Orioles and Cardinals than I've seen before.

  2. You had a lovely Mother's day and way more interesting birds visiting you. We have had Grosbeaks here as well, that beak is something else!!!! So large and dangerous looking, at least I think so when one gazes at me from the feeder.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, yes, it was a great day.
      The Grosbeaks are so pretty but you must get a closer view than I do to see their beaks. :) It has the name for a reason, I guess! :)

  3. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day. Family, friends, and food are a great combination.