Friday, May 19, 2023

One of Those Days, The Rains Return, Promised Pictures

The Ridge

On Friday, May 19th I was feeling pretty tired when I first woke. It was after 11 by the time we turned the tv off last night. Wow, we’re addicted now! 😊 I also woke feeling achy, just proof that I have been working some muscles. After Bill left for work, I sat with Gibbs until 8. Sandy wanted me to do a follow up cleaning at the Mat. When I arrived, there was one older couple just arrived. Cute to watch them together.

Our little guy was very lovey dovey
this morning

I did a thorough job but focused more on getting rid of the drywall dust and the floors in all the rooms than on doing my normal routine. I’ll go back in the morning to do the dryers and wipe out the machines if necessary. It looked good when I left. From there, I remembered to get the water bottle filled and was soon heading home. It wasn’t near as cold this morning as it has been. 10C/50F is quite nice when there is no wind.

After his bath and our walk,
he slept

The sun was pushing through some smoggy-looking clouds, maybe some of that was smoke from the west, hard to tell. Back home, Gibbs and I came to an agreement. He was so affectionate with me that I told him he needed a bath. 😉 He’s had a few little sticky needles in his fur for a week and he hasn’t let us brush or pull them out. In the sink he went.

rain making everything greener

I did my best with no argument from him and then let him do his ‘drying-off thing’ running around, in the chairs, on the bed. Then on his leash, we went for a walk down the road. The air was very warm and he was dry in no time. Bill called around noon that he was done work and going to get water at the Acreage before returning. Nice that he had a short day before a long weekend.

A tasty supper

We were both achy, he has lugged a lot of wood this week building a new deck and disposing of an old one, so we agreed to have lunch and then watch more Bosch. Told you, we’re addicted! 😊 We had rain start at 4 but it didn’t amount to much. Enough to close the door though. For supper, we had air fried sausages, fries and I had squash. It was plenty, filling and delicious.

A very proud Daddy 
with Baby Alexander 💖

Can't wait to meet him in person!

Bill loaded the dishwasher and we continued with Bosch. Addicted. 😉 This was a lazy afternoon and our bodies needed it. Rain is in the forecast for overnight and tomorrow so an ‘iffy’ start to our Victoria Day weekend. I write it off to a good day. Before I sign off, here are the promised pictures of our new baby grandson. 💘💘💘

Good night from both of us

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  1. Alexander is a cutie patootie! You could send that rain to us if you like.

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy.

  3. Awww. Alexander is just adorable. I can almost smell the new baby smell from here. :)
    I hope the weather improves over the weekend for you.

  4. Welcome to little Alexander. He's beautiful!

  5. Such an adorable baby boy. So cute. I know you can hardly wait to get your hands on him!