Sunday, May 28, 2023

First Ride on Jazz and First Visit with Alexander ♥

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 28th Bill was upby 6:15 and getting ready to go flying. I got up at 7 on time to say goodbye and stayed up. It was a lovely looking morning again and a mild 10C/50F to start the day. After playing some games online, Gibbs and I went for our walk to the corner and beyond a bit. I overdressed and had to slip my jacket off before we returned.

Walking west on North Line, away from our home

All irises are beautiful
They are intricately designed, aren't they?

 I worked on the puzzle for a while, watered my vegetables and came inside to get washed. I had some yogourt and then went back out with Gibbs. Big mistake! We are going visiting after lunch so I made the goof of putting on a bit of body spray. The black flies, or whatever they are now, loved it and made a nice sit, very annoying! We came back indoors and since it was close enough to lunch, I got the bacon and eggs out.

This going to be a challenge
but that's what I like!

The next step in the dandelion oil process
Soak heads in olive oil for 2 weeks
in a sunny window

Bacon was cooked when Mr. “I’ll be home by 12” pulled in the lane. Exactly at noon. 😊 However, it took a bit longer than that to get parked and unhooked from the cargo trailer. I started the eggs at 12:05 and my timing was almost perfect. After lunch, he dozed for 20 minutes and we dressed for a ride on Jazz. My first this season. It’s a perfect day for it and we had someplace special to be!

Two sides of waiting for Daddy

My yard sale purchase on Saturday

We rode to Drayton and then on to Krystal and Matt’s home to visit with our new grandson. Alexander is even tinier than I expected, just because you really forget how small babies are! He was in his Daddy’s arms when we walked in and what a sweet little addition to the family. Of course, we took turns holding him, a picture moment, in between his feeding time. Feeding time which, at 12 days old, is in full control of. 😊

It felt good to be back on Jazz

Krystal and Matt's home
Driving through Drayton


After getting a full tummy,
he sleeps on Momma ♥

Grandma gets her turn

A proud Grandpa

We had a great visit, catching up on their news and sharing ours. This parenting role looks good on them both and we couldn’t be happier for them. We left around 4 and had a nice ride home again. 

A photo album for Alexander
I added a few beginning pictures but left lots
of room for new pictures.

It is about an hour so a perfect length of time for us older folk to be on a two-wheeler. Feeling content at home, we decided on a simple meal of grilled cheese sandwiches. I added a thin slice of tomato to mine for a change. I’ll sure be glad when my home-grown tomatoes are ready! These grocery store ‘imitations’ just don’t taste the same.

The happy Duff family

Bill made his lunch for tomorrow and I worked on this posting. This was an awesome day, a perfect Sunday, consisting of a perfect ride and a visit with a perfect baby boy. I hope your weekend also ended on a good note!

And you are
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. What a sweet little baby boy and his proud parents. Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Such a cute little grandson, congrats! Wasn't that a perfect weekend for a bike ride? This week should be beautiful, so enjoy.

  3. What a cutie! It is always a surprise how little a newborn is; we forget.
    Looked like a nice day for a ride.

  4. Alexander is a lucky boy!!! Glad you got out on the bike! Looks like the weather was perfect for it!

    1. Thank you, for new parents, they are doing awesome together. It was the perfect day for a ride

  5. My dandelions are soaking in oil today.... I think I am going to make salve from mine this time as I have all the ingredients to hand. Now I am on the hunt for enough plantain weeds to make something else.

    Alexander is such a cutie!!!

    God bless.

    God bless.