Thursday, May 25, 2023

Now That was a Full Day!

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 25th there was no time for sloughing around like I’ve been doing. Finally, I had a full day and I feel great for it. I was up at 6:15 in time to say goodbye to Bill as he left for work. Another long day for him, with a drive to Port Elgin again. At least the jobs he is doing with Billy, are relatively ‘easy-going’, meaning he isn’t doing any of the heavy stuff that worries me. 😊

My first picture of the day

They are working hard, don’t get me wrong, but building decks and replacing bathrooms etc. So, I earned my keep today as well. I left the Suite at 7 to report for cleaning at the Mat. One customer came and was finishing up when I left. There was a full cart of washed clothing still sitting there from Tuesday and that is frustrating. It appeared to be some bedding and mostly a young adults articles.

Because they were inside out and yet still held some dampness, I tossed them in two separate dryers and let that run while I cleaned. It was a worthwhile cleaning day, earning my $15 in the hour. Before I left, I folded the items and dropped them in the lost and found. At least they won’t stink and if they aren’t claimed in a week, they’ll be donated to Rethreads here in town for resale.

I'm jumping the gun with the pictures
but here is the new and improved Leroy Jethro Gibbs 💝

I returned home with Black Beauty and took Gibbs for a leisurely walk down the lane and back. It was gearing up to be a decent sunny day. I had some yogourt and had finished my morning tea so was good to keep going. I made a coffee in my thermos and headed over to M’s for 9:30. Instead of running into town right away, as he’d planned, I taped and papered the inside of the cab doors on this truck. It took me a long time, it was finicky.

The only thing missing here is a Crown
What a regal look he has!

At noon, he had the visitor he was expecting so I took him into Durham for a few pit stops. Yesterday, I suggested he make a list and apparently, he heeded that as instead of one stop, we made 3 before returning to his place. He promptly paid me for the day (😊) and I scooted home to Gibbs. I had some lunch, leftover Kraft dinner, (boo for me) and then we went to Bath and Biscuit for his grooming appointment at 2.

And the 1000-pc. puzzle is finished

1 hour and 45 minutes, Kate said, so back home I cut the grass I’d left in the corral and then in our ‘front yard’ until the battery died. I hoped plugging it in would give it enough juice to finish it later. Then I worked on the puzzle until it was time to get our little handsome fellow. He looked great, as always, she does a great job.

We played outside for a while,
he has to be feeling great right now
as he ran after his toy and his block of wood. 

Admiring the fresh cut lawn

While waiting for Daddy

Back home, I finished the lawn and then we waited for Bill. He was late again, 5:45 before he pulled in the lane. I made a tea at 5 and planned supper and we sat for a while before I started. Baby sausages, Caesar salad and mashed potatoes. This day turned out quite nice and I believe (ssshh) the black flies have vacated. Bill thinks the Chorus frogs are slowly dissipating too. Makes sense, we have had 3 frosts, which is the rumour. 😊

Tonight's meal was good!

Dessert was ice cream for a change - oh yah!

Supper was good, although late, and we found the NCIS episodes from early spring that we missed. It’s on Stack TV. The weather today was really nice, warming up each day. 

Did anyone notice the shape of my posted picture
yesterday? I didn't until I was looking back at it. 😀

There is a round of hot weather headed our way, which Winnipeg will be getting tomorrow so I want to say that we are ready. Today was a good one, a feeling of my contribution. 😊 I hope you enjoyed your Thursday!

I wasn't the only one who had a busy day
Someone is exhausted. ♥
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Gibbs really does look handsome! Somehow I think they know
    there looking good. Lol
    Happy for you that summer is finally coming your way.
    Our California weather has been off the norm this year also.
    Just happy we are not rushing into 105 too quickly.
    Linda a.

    1. I think you're right about the pups knowing. He's so smug, eh?

  2. Handsome little guy, your sweet Gibbs is.

  3. Aww such a handsome boy ... you just want to give him a big hug!! Oh yeah .... and ICE CREAM!!

    1. Yes, he is and we do!!
      Oh yah, Ice cream breaks all the rules.

  4. Gibbs is looking fine. I'm sure he'll enjoy the haircut with the heat that is coming.

    1. Thank you, he sure will. That was a lot of hair that came off.

  5. Gibbs looks awesome all trimmed up. You're right, she does a great job. That definitely was a full day! Dinner looks wonderful and so does the ice cream :)