Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Great Outdoors

The Ridge

On Sunday, May 21st we were all up by 7. The rain had stopped although it left a wet mess in its wake. My plan was to clean the Mat and do our laundry, taking advantage of the forecast for sunny warmer skies. 😊 I left around 7:00 and found the building empty. With our 2 loads in the washer, I set to work.

The drive home from town
Baptist Church Road

Often, I’m pushing to make the time up since it hasn’t been really dirty. I find extra things to do as it just gets finicky if I put down 50 minutes when I’m paid by the hour. I left at 8:30 and went to Foodland for Bill’s bread and my yogourt and then scooted home. Bill had texted me that his fellow fliers were going to the field this morning so he followed suit. I’m happy for them to get together again.

Well, I added 7 more plantings
Hostas, evening primrose, iris and winter geranium

I knew that Gibbs would be a mess if I let him out while I hung the clothes on the line but it wasn’t fair to leave him indoors. Yup, he was pretty wet by the time I finished but he counted out 4 paws with me and I got them as dry as possible when we came inside. 😊 Yes, he can count to 4. 

There's that pond again
The west and the east side of the laneway

I sat with him while I played my games and then read a couple of chapters in my book. The print is small so I’m like a child, sliding my bookmark down the page under each line I’m reading. LOL

Our apple trees are in full
blossom and they're beautiful

After making a coffee, and covering my arms from the flies, I went out to the firepit. First job was to clean it out and prepare for the ‘renovation’ in that area. You’ll see soon enough. Then, since I was already in the mood, I went down to split the hostas I’d bought and plant them on the east corral hill. It isn’t as steep as the south one but I’m not saying it was easy digging in that rocky terrain either!

Gibbs and I on our way home from
a walk

With that done, since Bill wasn’t home yet and it was past noon, I finished off the chicken noodle soup with a slice of bread and peanut butter. They just go together. I filled the bird feeders and within no time, the orioles, goldfinches, chickadees, wrens, the grosbeak and blue jays were back. I made them wait a couple of days since they devour it so quickly! It also makes me feel needed. 😊

Bill was home by 1:30 and made his sandwich for lunch and then I went back out to dig some irises from my big garden and planted those on the hill as well. He was going to visit Gerry at the Acreage for a bit, since Gerry is ‘bach-ing it' this weekend while Donna is away with her daughters. Between Gibbs and I, we persuaded Bill to take Leroy Jethro along for the visit. He also wanted to get Mike’s trailer set up for him with water etc.

Bill was working away
in his favourite places

When I finished my outside jobs, I’d had enough of the black flies. I wore my long sleeves with my mesh hat so they couldn’t bite me at least but they sure wanted in at my face! Another week and they should be gone. Fingers crossed. I worked on the puzzle in the Bunky until the boys returned just after 4. I was happy not to have to keep an eye on Gibbs running around and just as happy that he didn’t have to be cocooned indoors either.

Still attached to the leash,
this is a refusal to go in the house

At 5, I took him for a walk while Bill worked in the Hangar and his cargo trailer. He’s happy to get back into the swing of flying with these Ontario friends and after working all week, he deserves that freedom. When I came in for my tea, Gibbs adamantly refused to come in so I left him outside and just kept an eye. After about 15 minutes of pouting and checking on Daddy from his perch, he came to the door to come in. He couldn’t decide who to be with.

Just another view of our home
This one from Bill's Hangar

For supper, we had our juicy bacon, cheese sirloin burgers. I splurged again and had mine on a regular bun. We might even have some chips and cheese later, we’ll see. I feel that I have accomplished a lot. Not only the laundry is clean for another week but I’ve extended that garden even more and it’s looking pretty good!

Off leash, I watched him from inside
and after 15 min. he was at the door 💓

Before I came inside earlier, I did get the hose out and gave them a good watering. I’m thrilled that Bill and Duncan got our pump hooked up again. Until the pond runs dry, we have lots of water! I’m still debating what to do with my vegetable garden so will continue to think on that over the coming week. What an awesome day!

A little progress on this pretty puzzle

Thank you everyone for the best wishes on the arrival of little Alexander. We haven’t seen him in person yet as he has developed jaundice, which seems to happen a lot these days, but hopefully next weekend, we’ll get our own sneak preview with many hugs.

Bill had help barbecuing tonight
Good night!

Thank you for the visit and Happy Victoria Day weekend!


  1. We have hardly any black flies but the mozzies are brutal! I wear a full mesh jacket the completely covers my head. With my pants tucked into socks and garden gloves I must look a sight but I'm protected. I can't use bug dope, so this get up works well. We're going to put the screen tent up tomorrow. We have two or three Cold nights this week so the delicate plants are still cluttering up the livingroom. I upturned buckets over the lilies. One has already been nipped. 😕

    1. I'm glad you are keeping protected too. I also look a sight in my get up but worth it. Soon the flies will be gone and the mosquitos will appear.
      Good luck with the delicates, soon you can get them out.

  2. I could easily stay inside with a view like you have! Funny how our two pups are so much alike. Cooper will just sit out on the patio and not come in for an hour. I think they like the freedom. Can't wait to see your puzzle.

  3. Your gardens will certainly look pretty this summer. Sorry you are plagued by the bugs! I made the trek up to Timmons, ON when I was about 18 and after seeing the size of the skeeters y'all have, I rushed down to Florida and stayed. I bet Gibbs is finding the grass particularly inviting after the months in the desert.

    1. Thank you, I'm torn on a vegetable garden though. Our ground is not the best.
      Yes, Gibbs is loving the grass. :)

  4. I'm not sure I'd be as dedicated to being outdoors with the flies being that awful. I'd be a wimp hiding indoors.
    I did respond to your question on my blog, but thought I'd respond again here. Since I don't have a garden space in my yard, I've been growing flowers and veg in containers for some time. Last year's peppers and tomatoes were a bumper crop, with just three tomato and 2 pepper plants. I've got 8 tomatoes this year and two peppers. They love the heat; with containers you do need to keep them watered (on really hot days I water more morning and evening), but the bonus is the containers can be moved into a sheltered area if a hail storm blows through. We get at least one or two every summer. This year I've added a cucumber to the mix to see how it will do - and it is already flowering. Oh, and I add a marigold to each container too, as mom always said the marigolds keep the bugs away.

    1. Thank you, you are a wealth of information and I appreciate it very much. I'm going to try both tomatoes and peppers and maybe leaf lettuce. I Googled and that is a popular suggestion.

  5. Those black flies sound terrible! Hoping they do go away soon! Enjoy your Monday! I loved your comment on my blog about finding joy in every day, so very true! :)

    1. Thank you Shirley. I can tell you find joy - you two live life to the fullest. ♥

  6. We are waiting all winter and spring for the warm weather and when it arrives, so do the bugs. Down here in southern Ontario we do not have black flies, but from the Lake Erie we get fish flies throughout the season and they come in various sizes (that do not bite) but they get caught in the spiderwebs. That in turn brings more spiders which brings more birds that hunt for them. Get the drift? Looking forward to seeing a (new firepit) or modification as you guys actually make time to sit by it.

    1. Thank you Marlene for the comment. Yeuch, more spiders??
      Keep tuned in, a new firepit modification coming soon! :)

  7. You definitely had a full day. Like Marlene said we don't have Black Flies in our region and once it gets hot neither will you.
    Nice that Bill is out with his flying friends. I'm certain there is a lot of discussion about the new regulations recently passed.
    Looks like Gibbs needs a friend to play with.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Gibbs may need a friend to play with but he'll have to depend on company. Ha ha. :)