Saturday, May 20, 2023

A Dull Day – Oh Joy

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 20th we woke to a mild damp day. It wasn’t raining but Gibbs needed to get his feet wiped when he and Daddy came back in at 6:30. They came back to bed and we all slept, off and on, until just after 7:30. It felt good not to have to get up. I’d decided, since I did a thorough cleaning yesterday at the Mat, I wouldn’t go in today (which was my regular slotted day).

Heavy fog this morning
Looking north across the pond

With the cloudy skies and high chance of rain, I didn’t want to do laundry today when I couldn’t hang it out. I had my tea with my boys and then hopped in the shower. I still wanted to go to town and check out the Plant Sale and any garage sales I could find. I didn’t get a whole lot of satisfaction at either but did get a couple of large hostas, for a donation, and a clock for Bill’s Hangar. Check and check. 😊

Looking east

Back home, I wasn’t feelg easing like doing much of anything but when Bill said he wanted to do a couple of things in the Hangar, I thought Gibbs and I would go for a walk. The temperature was mildish, 10C/50F, but by the time I returned home, it felt considerably cooler. We got half way down the lane and turned back. I was chilled and decided I didn’t want to work on the puzzle today in a cold Bunky.

We just wanted a warm lunch

We were feeling pretty lazy and tired plus my restless leg was aggravating. Gosh, I’m going to pot! Ha ha. Anyway, we all went upstairs for an hour-long nap and then had some chicken noodle soup for lunch. I felt much better. I’d taken a couple of Benadryl caplets this morning for some ‘new’ blackfly bites and I’m thinking that might have added to my drowsiness. I kept dropping off while reading.

Gibbs approved of my 'purchases'

I should have grabbed more but I can split them.

My new book is The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and it’s slow to start but I think it will be good. We watched episodes of Bosch together and corn on the cob and stew for supper. Dessert was Chapman’s Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream. It was good. We watched more tv and I ended my night around 10:30. I need my sleep! 😊

Good night

A dull cool day but we spent it as a family. Thank you for your visit.


  1. I loved that Kate Jacobs book. Benadryl sets me right into lala land. I take it in the late evenings now. It seems to help me sleep, as well as keep the drip in check.

  2. Your looking east picture is very calming.

  3. Above comment is from Doris in Pennsylvania

  4. I love the results, but the planting part, not so much. I sure hope it quits raining soon!!

  5. You definitely had heavy fog. The winter was long and spring is sure having its ups and downs weather wise. We're cloudy here today with smoke from the forest fires, but expecting the temperature to reach 26C.
    I hope today is a better weather day for you. I was thinking the same about the hostas - you'll be able to split them quite nicely.

  6. You did good at plant sale and a garage sale, worth the trip to town! :) Going to have to check out that book! :)