Monday, May 29, 2023

Payday Means a Big Food Shop, Heating Up

The Ridge

On Monday, May 29th it was a fairly typical start to the week around here. Bill was up early to the alarm and to get ready for another long day at work. I’m sure the work day is already long for him, a retiree, but with the added drive time both ways, it adds on a couple of hours. Today, he took Ptooties because of the distance.

No special pictures today 
so I resort to Ridge pictures

Soon after he left, I also left for my small job. Black Beauty and I went into Durham to clean. There were a couple of machines that had notes so I took the time to see if there was anything I could do. Kaitlin showed me once how to fix one of the problems, but this old gal couldn’t remember what to do once she opened the machine up. Duh, darn memory! I tested the other machine and it worked fine for me so I destroyed the note.

The other day, the whirly-jig was
going to beat the band.
For much of today, it didn't move.

I sent Sandy 2 text; one to order or pick up more paper towels for the hand dispensers and the second to advise of the machine that needs attention. He (they) have been excellent at keeping on top of the issues, not to slight Jamie at all but, cash flow is required to run an operation like this one. 😊 Today, it was 90 minutes so I recorded my time on their office calendar and closed up shop. Because our government pension $ went in the bank overnight, I headed to Hanover for a big food shop.

I sat on the step in the shade for a while.
Gibbs fell asleep on the cool gravel and patio mat 💓

It's a hot day and if I hadn't cleaned first, I certainly would have slipped a summer dress on or shorts at the very least. It was a bigger shopping spree than normal, it seemed like we were either out of, or near to it, a lot of regular staples so I stocked up. The grocery account took a hit and we haven’t even began June yet. LOL Back home, Gibbs helped me unload the truck and put things away. He runs out to check the tires and then in and out with me each trip. 😊

I couldn't get a clear enough picture
for Merlin to identify this bird.
Not sure what he is, but he's regal looking.

All I did after that in terms of ‘work’ was to water the vegetables and newly planted corral finery. I worked on the puzzle for a while, as it was nice and cool in there with the two windows open. Gibbs was Mr. Curious today and twice disappeared up into the field behind the berm while I was in there so he ended up on his leash rope, near water and shade, so I could relax and put some pieces in. Otherwise, I would be up and down to check on him.

There just was no place cool today
so it was nice to see him it meant he
was comfortable.

The rest of the day was lunch at 12:30 and then reading. We moved inside and out, repeat, repeat, trying to find the coolest place to sit. Outside was nice with a breeze later on, but there are still pesky bugs flying in our faces. Even Gibbs was swatting them away. We came in at 5:30 to wait for Bill. Supper just needs to be turned on. Fish, fried potatoes, and a veggie. Easy one tonight.

More sprouts
Good thing I love them

This has been a warm day but instead of using a/c, so soon, we took advantage of free hydro/electric and unplugged from power. The solar panels have had a lot of use over the last 3 weeks. 😊 Every lit bit helps. Happy Birthday to our son-in-laws, Dennis and Cory. I hope you had an enjoyable day!

Cheers to the birthday boys!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit. (PS – A. James. Thank you for the offer of the umbrella base but I’m feeling that we’ll find one closer to home. I appreciate it though!)


  1. I think that is good old Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream!!!

  2. Any day that ends in ice cream, is a good day. Dinner looks yummy!!!

  3. I grabbed your photo and checked Google lens - it initially said penguin (lol), but I zoomed out a bit and it recognized the bird as a white breasted wood swallow. What a beautiful bird!
    Sounds like a lovely day, despite the bugs.