Thursday, May 18, 2023

Here We Go Again, This Time the Change is UP

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 18th Bill was up before 6 and Gibbs was in bed with me chewing on his last Yak cheese stick. I might have to find some more online for him, they last such a good long time. Bill left around 7 and although I had to clean, I first stripped the bed and had my tea with Gibbs. Bill needed me to pick up a prescription for him and I.D.A. doesn’t open until 9 or 9:30.

Tight knit family

Come along children

I left the Suite at 8. Sandy had one of his guys from his plumbing business working at the Mat when I arrived. I introduced myself so Morgan knew why I was in and out of the locked rooms. 😉 They were installing a new heater/air conditioner unit (yay!). I had my job done within the hour and left them to it. Morgan was doing his best to clean up his own mess. Nice young man.

In town, how would you like to
do this roof?
This guy better be braced!

I got the script but forgot to fill our water bottle before heading home so will have to go back tomorrow. I read some and played my online games. It was a bit frosty this morning but warmed up fairly quickly. I’d stripped the bed this morning and took our towels in to wash so hanging them on the line at 9:30, I knew they’d be dry before too long. The sun was warm.


It turned into a decent afternoon
Reaching 15C/59F
My Phlox are beautiful

After yesterday, our temperatures are starting to warm up – again. Hopefully, it lasts this time. 😊 After I had lunch, potato salad, avocado, salmon and celery, Gibbs and I went outside for a walk. I had a mess of pulled grass and weeds to clean up so I got the wheel barrow out and I pushed myself to move it along with the rocks. That was it for today, I was still feeling the work from yesterday in my body.

It's a really nice picture

Then, I started a puzzle. Gibbs was being a good boy, off leash, so I went into the Bunky and pulled out one that I got from Joan. I needed to improvise by using the box lid and a piece of plexiglass to make room on my table but soon got the border finished. I chatted with our friend, Jim, for a while until Bill got home from work. It was nice to hear from him.


For supper, we had more hamburger stew and a piece of mint chocolate fudge for dessert. All this was happening while we watched more of Bosch. We are really enjoying this series, I probably said that. 😊 I had a call from Sandy asking if I could go in to the Mat in the morning. His boys are finished their work today. Looks like I have a good reason to get that water bottle filled too!

Good night

It was a good day! Thank you for coming by.


  1. Your phlox ARE beautiful. Oh.

  2. The phlox are incredible!
    I just checked our weather and we've hit -1C this morning. I haven't been out to check on my plants but I did cover some last night.

    1. Thank you! I hope your plants are okay and that it warms up soon for you.

  3. That puzzle looks like your bunky wall!! You should frame it and hang it inside!! Your flowers are ALL beautiful. Oh if I could only grow something with BLUE flowers!!

  4. That little family is adorable :) Your potato salad looks yummy, did you make it?

    1. I love the goose family too. Yes, I made the salad for Mother's Day visitors. :)

  5. A new grandson, how wonderful, Congratulations! The Ridge with all your flowers peeking out must be beautiful. Looking at the pictures you post of the pond I can see why you would never get tired of having it in your view.

  6. Wow, your Phlox is doing very well.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    God bless.