Monday, May 8, 2023

What a Day! Gibbs is the Star

The Ridge

On Monday, May 8th our week began under mostly clear skies. It was quite damp outside, with lots of dew on the grass and vehicles. Bill was up at 5:30 and Gibbs and I followed at 6:30. He was just ready to leave and was getting the garbage ready to take down on his way. I sat with Gibbs until 7 when I left him in charge and drove to the Mat. One customer was doing his laundry so was in and out as I worked.

Good morning!
A misty sunrise and patchy fog over the Ridge
make for beautiful pictures

I finished within the hour and drove to Foodland for a few groceries. Bill needed bread so since I was there, I picked up burgers, buns, avocados, peppers, and a few other things we were almost out of. It was shaping up to be a lovely day. The temperature eventually reached 16C/60F with enough sun to encourage us to get outside.  I took my hand shovel and gloves and we went up the hill to that garden. As I crawled around on my butt and knees, my helper was by my side or at least in the shade close to me. 😊

Gibbs barked from his perch on my chair
and this is why
A blue jay 'convention' (thanks Gayle!)
I didn't know what to call it! 😁
Bottom right picture: someone has to be the last to leave

There were 3 other small gardens to weed and I transferred some Evening Primrose and replanted my dahlia and gladiola bulbs. Hopefully, they’ll prosper this summer. Each year, I get closer to having a full turnout of the dahlias. This morning, before we went out, I attempted to make the 3-ingredient keto bread. That’s just a laugh, instead of 90 – 120 seconds to cook in the microwave as the recipe said, it took more like 7 minutes and it still wasn’t all cooked. LOL

A nice walk, Gibbs finds a bottle

Explanation of this picture
Often a dog will smell 'something' and roll in the grass
Gibbs smelled something on this rock and did his
best to roll in it and around it. Goofy pooch!

I tried a couple of pieces in the toaster and although I won’t throw it out (yet, too many egg whites were used!) it wasn’t something I’ll make again. Seems to me I’ve tried this before. Because I’d eaten that around 10:30 with my coffee, I wasn’t hungry for lunch. 

Gibbs ran up the lane ahead of me
and hid - Can you see him in the first picture?
Bottom right: sitting in the shade watching
next door

I was sitting in the sun
Gibbs was behind my chair in the shade

Gibbs chased Chippy and Ma and Pa Goose
and then surveyed the property
from my lap
Doesn't he look tough with his bottle?

We spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon until 3:30 when I stopped working. Gibbs and I enjoyed the sun while I played my games and read my book. He preferred the shade, where he could find it nearby.

Waiting for Daddy
He's on his rope here because
he'll probably still chase the car

We waited until Bill came up the lane at 5 before we all came inside. The wind was just getting a bit cool, enough for me to put my hoody on over my bare arms. We had air fried chicken thighs, the last of the scalloped potatoes and a salad for supper. It was late, because it takes a while for the chicken, but it was good. I was stuffed! After dishes, I finished writing my post and then downloaded pictures. I worked on those while Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! challenged me.

good night y'all!

This was a great day and until I hear from M tonight, I don’t know if I’m working tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Gibbs is just like my Nikita; does not like the sun. Will find the shade at all costs

  2. New to commenting on blogs Pat; but didn’t want you guessing who Nikita was. Love Gibbs, quite the character

    1. Ah! thank you for commenting! I did wonder who Nikita is. Yes, Gibbs is indeed a little nut. ♥

  3. You know he's rolling on that rock because something STINKY left its mark, right? Cooper does the same thing. Me thinks they are birds of a feather!!

    1. Yes, he smelled something for sure and couldn't figure how to get on top of it!

  4. What a wonderful day! We've had cloudy weather the last couple of days, and it is expected to continue until the weekend. Not much rain though and temps are still very nice. I'm envious of you digging in the dirt - I'm hoping to be out there next week.

    1. It has been really nice to get my hands in the dirt - even with gloves on. :)

  5. Nice to have the sun to hang out in for you and Gibbs is a cutie! The morning pictures are gorgeous!