Thursday, May 4, 2023

Things Change but Not the Weather! A 'clear' Loss

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 4th I heard Bill downstairs at 5:45 but I didn’t hear the two of them get up and go outside for Gibbs’ piddle. I didn’t want to sleep in so got up around 6 and got washed and dressed. This morning, after Bill left at 6:30, I followed soon after so I could meet Beth at the Mat. I started work at 7 and she arrived within a few minutes.

Typical sky for May - to date 2023

After she left, I had all the knowledge I needed about where the keys are now stored, nice and secure. 😊 I was on my way home at 8:10 and it was quite mild for a change. Well, I say mild, it was 5C/41F with no wind and no rain – yet. At 9:25 I arrived at the shop and although I was told I’d be taping today, there was more sanding to do. M used the power sander on both front fenders and I was happy about that. I can do it but he does it in 1/3 of the time it takes me.

I see wee patches of blue
Stop teasing!!

At 11, I drove to town with M in the passenger seat. This is the way I like to run ‘his’ errands. I drive and he hops in and out and gets exactly what he needs. It took us almost 90 minutes but he got everything to last for a few days. It was 12:30 when we got back so I packed up and headed home for lunch.

My lunch looked and tasted wonderful!

I know it is only my first week but I’m still just as happy to hear that he doesn’t need me tomorrow. If the paint, that was supposed to arrive today, comes in the morning, he’ll get the truck painted. Fingers crossed. Gibbs and I filled the bird feeders, which were emptied within 3 days, and we came inside. The little bum ran around encouraging Mom to run and chase him.

The pond is really high this spring
not surprising
See the pipe centre picture?
I'll keep track of it this summer for water levels

Usually there is a drop from
land to water
Not so today

I made my lunch, a sunny-side up egg, warmed up bacon and the last of my avocado with cinnamon keto toast. Yummy, what a nice little meal. 😊 There were some rain spatters throughout the morning and the temperature seemed to drop. I worked away at finishing the project I made. It is for something special so now you’ll understand why I haven’t shown or told you – yet. 😊 It isn’t perfect, but it’s an attempt anyway.

Some of you may remember a previous
picture from a few days after we got home
It will be ever-changing from here on in.

Gibbs and I walked down the lane and the road and Bill returned home before 5. That’s nice! I planned sausage for supper so made a dish of Instant Pot scalloped potatoes to go with. They cook so fast in there! We’re still waiting for the change to come but so far, it’s 5:30, I haven’t seen much other than another late-day rise in temperature. I know improvements are on the way and I can’t wait. None of us can wait but we’ll have to.

Gibbs was very interested in the water today
His front paws were going to keep going
until I pulled on the leash

Supper was delicious, if I do say so myself! I really enjoyed the potatoes and the honey garlic sausages. We cleaned up dishes and I set out to finish my blog. It was then that I noticed a terrible thing. I’ve lost the diamond out of my engagement ring! It had to have just happened since the prong edges are very sharp. We’ve searched the floors in here to no avail. We’ll be following up on this real soon and see what our paperwork says. I’m so sad, especially so close to our big day.

Another little patch of blue

Compared to last night's meal picture,
this one would win a magazine page!

Gibbs is barking at the geese behind the Suite

We watched tv together for the remainder of the evening and the sky did its dance as the night folded on another day. Except for losing my diamond, this was a pretty good day. I hope yours was a good one as well!

And this day ended in beauty
Good night

Thank you for stopping around to see what we’re up to. PS – thank you for the comments filled with best wishes .


  1. Check with your insurance policy. It should cover having the diamond replaced. Good luck..

  2. That is so sad about your diamond :-(

  3. Oh no. So sorry to hear about your catastrophe!

  4. Sorry the diamond was lost, I do hope your insurance will cover the replacement.

  5. Oh gosh ... I'm so sorry you lost the diamond. Keep looking ... with a flashlight in the dark ... that's how I found mine once. Check inside all the drawers? I hope you find it!!!

  6. If you have done any vacuuming check the bag in it for your diamond. Also if you wore your ring to bed slowly take off all the covers over the bed. Good luck! your in my prayers.

    1. No vacuuming and no sleeping. Thank you for the tips and prayers!

  7. I'm so sorry, still hoping that it turns up! Where did you get that cinnamon keto toast?!! I told Ken just the other day I wished they had something like that or english muffins. Jealous! LOL.

  8. Oh heart sank when I read about the diamond! Hopefully insurance will cover it but it's still sad.


  9. Sorry about your diamond. I hope you find it.