Monday, May 22, 2023

Another Beaut! Taking Advantage of the Holiday

The Ridge

We were up on Monday, Victoria Day, May 22nd by 7:30 at the latest. Bill really had wanted to go flying again but there was a wind that made the morning feel much colder than it was. He had a headache too so he decided to take some Advil and go back up to bed. We had another late night but he was the one feeling tired for some reason. I think he was just worn out from the work week.

A nice walk with my little guy

Turning back for home

He felt better when he got up and we all went outside around 9. With him starting my weed eater, I donned the appropriate attire (mesh hat, hoodies, socks & shoes, long pants and ear protection) and went to the corral to do what I could. I particularly wanted to clean up on the east hill around my new ‘garden’ but then when that was done, carried on around the fence line, inside and out of the corral.

Except for the 'v' of long grass, the trimming is done.
Bill does the main grass with the big mower and
uses his bigger trimmer for the long grass on the hill

I was at it for a couple of hours and had to quit. I was dripping with sweat, really. 😕Bill decided to hop on the rider and cut grass too, it is growing so fast these days. Around 11:30, I had to put the trimmer away, my arms were like putty. Gibbs and I sat together for a while until Bill came up for lunch. The back field and berm were finished. It had warmed up considerably by then and the wind had died but that just meant the hungry black flies were ever-present.

I thought this seating area would get more
use up here near the fire pit

After bacon and eggs, we went back out. I had no plan to pick up the tools so instead moved the metal bench from its location behind the outhouse. There was a time, I thought it was in the perfect spot but now I want to relocate it so I use it more often. While Bill cut the front field, I moved the heavy thing over to an area behind the Bunky aka my ‘She-Shed’. It sits under the tree nicely, after I moved the king chairs.

My big garden gradually turns even more purple

Phlox, periwinkle and soon my big irises

We have a free umbrella that Bill and Duncan picked up at a neighbour’s last weekend. It's the same place we got the Adirondack chairs a few years ago. 😊 Once I find a base for it, it will suffice to give shade over whoever the king and queen are for the day. The wooden chair set already has a hole for it. I’ll keep an eye at yard sales and on Marketplace/Kijiji as I won’t pay full price for one.

In this picture, hostas are stretching for the sun,
periwinkle, Shasta daisies are sprouting, more
irises and Lady's Mantle all welcoming spring.

I watered my plants on the hill and after Gibbs and I walked down the lane, I worked on the puzzle for a couple of hours. Maybe longer, I don’t know for sure. Gibbs was the good little guy we know him to be now and stuck real close. After his bath the other day, he has managed to pick up more and more of the sticky seedlings off the tree by the Bunky. Poor guy, we drive him nuts trying to pull them off.

I'm enjoying working on thihs puzzle

Bill surprised me by building a frame for the firepit and mixed up 4 bags of cement to fill it. I’d asked for a cement base instead of the rocks (which still allow weeds to creep in) and today he fulfilled my wish! What a guy, just another step up on that pedestal I already have him on. He went to the Hangar to putter away but we were both of the same mind, around 4:30 when we met inside the Suite. Done for the day.

Gibbs and I waited until he was just finishing
before we ventured out. 

I suggested covering it in case
our little runner got frisky.

And this is where our good little Gibbs sat
while I worked on the puzzle 💖

I made a tea and started my blog while he dozed with Gibbs in the chairs. 😊 Well deserved nap, I’d say. We accomplished a fair bit again today. For supper, we’re having pork chops, oven baked or barbecued, I’m not sure yet. Maybe a potato on the Weber as well. We’ve reached 20C/68F this afternoon before it started cooling down again. It has been a nice day and the forecast is warmer for tomorrow when we get back to routine.

Supper was delicious!

More Bosch is on the schedule for after supper, as I said ‘addicted’. 😊 I hope you’ve had a great day and wonderful long weekend!

A memory from 2019, May 22nd
Pat, Gayle and I went to Wendy's
on the history of women's fashion

A friend at our table
It was suggested we wear hats. 💕
Good night!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. You had a full day working outside and that was for sure tiring. Your property is turning really nice now with all the flowers and cut grass. Hopefully the pesky blackflies will die off and you get to sit outside enjoying the nice surroundings.

    1. Thank you Marlene. I'm thinking another week of the flies - fingers crossed!

  2. Hi Patsy,your place is looking really attractive;both your efforts do show.I have an umbrella base you may have,we just have to get it to you.Contact,lol—

    1. Thank you A James! We try to keep it up so I appreciate that very much. As for the umbrella base. LOL is right. Where are you?

  3. Your perennial garden beds have filled out so nicely. The phlox is amazing.
    And here I thought you might put an impression of Gibb's paw in the cement. 😀

    1. Thank you Maebeme. I love the phlox, we moved it from our house garden 7 years ago.
      I was afraid Gibbs would end up covered in the cement! We didn't even date it. :)

  4. I just cannot imagine how relaxing and quiet it would be to sit in your yard and read a book. Your phlox ... WOW!!! and I think you need one paw print in the concrete ... just one!!

    1. Once the black flies leave, yes, it is very peaceful. As long as you don't mind the bird and frog songs! I don't! No paw print, sorry. haha

  5. I love the purple blanket spreading through your garden.

    God bless.

  6. I agree with Jackie :) I like where you put the bench. Bill did a great job on the concrete for the fireplace.

    1. Thank you Shirley. I hope the bench gets more use there. :) I agree about Bill's job. He always impresses me with his spur of the moment creations. ♥c