Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Black Beauty Freshens Up

The Ridge

This morning, Tuesday, May 16th, I was up just before 7 to join Bill downstairs. We each drove a vehicle to Grey Bruce Fleet and left Black Beauty behind for an oil change and all that involves. Bill carried on driving Ptooties into Hanover to his work site. It’s a large deck they are building on the back of a lake cottage so I got to see it before I left.

The forecast was for a sunny day
This morning actually looked like it 
could rain.

On the way back through Hanover, I decided to check out the 2 grocery stores for Betty’s Light bread. I tried Food Basics first and they didn’t have anything other than Dempsters. But! As I poked through the store checking prices, they had butter on for $4.44 which is pretty darn good these days. I bought 2 and drove to their Foodland store. They had the closest bread to keto that I could find, 10 grams of carbs for 2 slices so I bought a loaf and some low carb tortillas.

Following Black Beauty to the shop

From the deck Bill is helping build,
it's a great view

I like this back here

Lastly, I stopped at Walmart, my go-to grocery store. I’m glad I purchased what I did, where I did, because I wouldn’t have got satisfaction at Walmart today. We needed some of our vitamins so that always jumps the bill up by $40 to $60. I was done with the shopping and instead of taking the food home, I stopped at the Mat to get my cleaning done. It was the latest I’ve gone in a long time, 10:30.

The cottage is nice if you like to be in the trees
and in a dark cottage

When I left there, I nipped home for lunch. It was almost noon and I felt famished. The temperature was 10C/50F when I left and had already risen to 18C/65F when I arrived at the Ridge. I had some lunch, sat with Gibbs, ran over to help M pay a bill on his phone and then Gibbs and I just hung out here at home. I didn’t feel like even going outside today to work on the garden. It was very windy and that discourages me.

But there are too many trees for me

Bill needed a ride home so he called around 2:30 and suggested I meet him at a designated spot in Hanover and that saved me a few miles. Gibbs came along and seemed better (I’m using that word mildly) with riding in the car and didn’t whine the whole way. He still barks at people on the sidewalk when we’re in town but I’m telling myself he is improving. 😊

My irises on the corral hill
from their transplant last fall
are looking lovely

Black Beauty was done and so stopping there on the way, I left Bill and carried on home.  As soon as he emptied his lunch cooler, he went to the Acreage for water. We were reading 0 in the tank, although we know that isn’t 100% accurate. 😊 He wasn’t done yet, he dumped the black tank as well before supper. We had chicken balls in Rosy, the air fryer, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob with a raspberry apple tart for dessert. I was full! It was a nice meal.

Supper was quite tasty.
Good night!

After clean up, we watched a couple of Jeopardy Masters episodes and then the Live episode of the Voice. We’re still learning. We’ve had a good day and I hope you have as well.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.


  1. The first photo makes it appear as if the smoke from the forest fires have reached you, with the red ring around the sun. We're expecting it to get windy overnight here, temps to cool, and the smoke to blow in from the north. In fact, the weather channel has actually issued a weather advisory. I'm not looking forward to it.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day for being outdoors.

  2. I could live in that cottage ... I would just take a few trees out. Poor Gibbs ... he's just trying to be the good watch pup!! It's funny how he's not so comfortable in the car, but is good in the truck. I hope the days get sunnier for you!!

  3. I agree the cabin seems to be pretty dark but that view is beautiful.

  4. Windy today and the smoke from the fires in Alberta have reached this southeast corner of Saskatchewan. There is a haze that will lift for a bit, but it settles back in.

    Love the view from that deck, but I surely would clear a few of those trees out. Not because I don't like trees, more because I would be worried they would fall on the cottage.

    God bless.