Monday, May 1, 2023

Now, We’re Back in the Groove

The Ridge

On Monday, May 1st we welcomed the new spring (hahaha) month in with a bit of a clear sky but a dry day. Nothing to complain about there. It didn’t really warm up too much today, 6C/43F was the high, but neither Bill, Gibbs or I were outside anyway. Bill was up at a ridiculous early hour, unknown to me since I was still in the middle of a dream, and making his thermos of coffee before I woke.

It got quite foggy for a while this morning

I crawled across the bed, blurry-eyed at 6:30 and went down to kiss him goodbye. He took Ptooties as he had the farthest to drive today. Gibbs and I went back to sleep until 7:30 when we got up. Gibbs was out of sorts already and knew his Daddy wasn’t downstairs. He just lay on the bed curled in a ball while I washed and dressed for my own job.

This Dodge is the pressure job this week
M needs it done by Friday.
the box of the truck is outside the door

I had some yogourt and a tea before Gibbs and I went down the lane for a cold walk. The wind was chilly and the clouds had moved in. Leaving the little guy in charge at 9:25, I drove around the corner in Black Beauty to M’s shop and was happy to see him up and moving easily. I knew what he wanted me to do so set about sanding the rocker panels and inside the doors of a truck cab to prepare for painting.

At the front of the shop is this Ford van
that needs Brian to do some welding

It wasn’t too difficult, only a few spots needed the heavier 120 grit. It was all hand sanding so still took me the 3 hours, including the retouches that M pointed out just when I thought I was finished. 😊 That’s why he is the professional and me to rookie. Back home, before 1, I took a tip from Donna to cook up enough bacon to last me for a few days. Instead of cooking them in the oven like I used to when we had the house, I used Rosy and air fried half strips.

The lighting in the shop is
not good so we have lights propped up
here and then
This is where I started this morning

I'm sad to see the end of this bread
I'm on the hunt for what my readers have 
suggested next

With a fried egg, some avocado and my last piece of the seeded keto bread, the bacon was a tasty addition. I played my afternoon word games on line and then dug into the crochet pattern I’m working on. This is going much easier and I understand the simple English that the instructions are written in. LOL Around 3, Sandy dropped by with my original laundromat keys and lanyard and my pay for last Saturday’s work. Nice of him.

Bacon in the air fryer
btw, I am pleased with the paper inserts
very little cleanup

Still on track with my lunch

When Bill texted me that he was just leaving Durham, I put Gibbs on his leash and we went to meet him. He was so happy to see Daddy return. I was watching more episodes of The Marvellous Mrs. Maisle when he got home. No doubt he was tired from a busy first day and he went up to have his snooze in the bedroom. We both had a good prelude to our seasonal jobs.

For supper, it was mostly leftovers but I also fried mini sausages to fill in the gap. It was filling and tasted just fine – beef and pork do mix. After dishes, we sat together and watched our Monday night programs since we are still getting our satellite connection downstairs. Upstairs, it has been disconnected. This was a good day and we hear that after a very cold day tomorrow (and possibly some white stuff) we will be in to some sunny warm days. Yay!

a mixed bag for supper but it was delicious
Bill had fried potatoes instead of sprouts
Good night!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. I think we have all your heat in Alberta, hit 28C here yesterday. May 1st and I already have the AC on?

  2. Yep, you're back in the groove again! Funny how quickly that happens. I've never been a brussels sprouts person, but yours always look so good. Hopefully you can find a good substitute for the bread :)

  3. I do the same ... cook up an entire package of bacon and keep it in the fridge. No messy cleanup every day. However ... I don't have your inserts. It's on my list now. It's raining here, so I hope that doesn't mean you have more snow! I've no suggestions for bread, no one here carries it.

  4. I've never tried bacon in the air fryer, I'll have to give that a go tonight as we're having bacon and perogies for dinner.
    I'm sure M appreciates your return. I'm thinking there is quite a bit of work to be done on the truck.
    We're expecting highs of 22C today, hopefully it will reach you soon too.

  5. Those are tedious sanding jobs and M must have been anxiously awaiting your return from the southwest. I'm sure the laundromat will be sparkling next!

  6. To me you are a pro at that sanding. I know I couldn't do it. We have been nice and sunny here as well as pretty warm. I am enjoying it after all the snow we had.

    I will need to try frying the bacon in the air fryer next time.

    God bless.

  7. A whole plate of brussels sprouts - delicious!