Tuesday, May 16, 2023

A Quiet Day, Friends Head North

The Ridge

On Monday, May 15th I woke around 6:15 and Bill was taking Gibbs out. With his job being only 20 minutes away, he is able to sleep a bit later so it was nice that Gibbs did too. It was a clear sky this morning which often means cooler. It went down to 2C/34F according to my weather app but there was no frost so I’m doubting that it got quite that low.

You see a lot of pictures of this guy
but I can't help it
He's watching Daddy and Black Beauty go to work

Then a pond picture from our first walk

Bill left for work around 7:30, I think, never really noticed to be honest. I made my tea and sat with Gibbs, keeping an eye on our neighbours packing up. Gibbs and I went for a walk shortly after 8 and he was in the mood to walk today! We went to the corner and then north to the church. By now, it was lovely, around 12C/54F with a full sky of Vitamin D shining down on us. When I returned, Duncan was getting ready to hook up to the trailer.

Looking back towards home

What a good little walker he was today
No pulling

They came over and said goodbye and were on the way at 8:55. Last night, she told me they hoped to leave around 9. Now, that is organized timing right there! 😊 We truly enjoyed having them come and stay for a few days, allowing us to catch up on our travels, share research and talk about future adventures. It was from Duncan that we caught onto the StarLink and are very grateful for that.

Country roads and blue blue sky

The minister from the corner
walks to their close bus stop with
their young son

Gibbs and I sat outside while I played my games and then got into reading my book. The wind was still a bit cool but the sun was powerful. I didn’t take my hoody off simply because there were a few hovering black flies around. I have 2 bites, both on my right wrist, that are giving me some grief. I think they got caught under my bracelets and bit me. We have Benadryl caplets and although no cream, some Calamine lotion to ease the itch.

Almost home

The Airstream leaves for now

After a late lunch of a chicken salad wrap, I nipped back and forth to M’s to help him with some paperwork. There doesn’t seem to be much changing over there and I came home frustrated with the situation he has himself in. At the same time, I was happy to walk away for now. He’ll call when he is ready for my help and I’ll go from there.

This is our afternoon
Gibbs in the shade, me in the sun

Back home, Gibbs and I went for another walk and retrieved the mail on the way back. Inside, I swept the floors and did some reading while having my tea. Bill was home before 4 and his afternoon snooze beside us. 

For supper, we had pork chops out, some potato salad left and I have sprouts to warm up. This has been a truly slow, warm spring day and I’ve enjoyed it.

And as the little family says good night,
so will I! 

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. I just love slow, smell the roses type days.

    What bird is in your hummingbird feeder?

    God bless.