Wednesday, February 21, 2024

A Cloudy Start, The Puzzle is Done, Relaxing Sunny Afternoon

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Feb. 21st we got up to Hump Day around 7. I find I sleep really well from 10:15, when I drop off, straight through until 5:30, when I wake up. That’s a good sleep even though it may often be jam-packed with dreams. 😊 I seem to visit with a lot of people in my ‘life-group’ when I’m sleeping so it is kind of nice.

Good morning!

Same walk, different direction

Bill was getting ready to go to the field when Gibbs and I came downstairs. At 8:15, Gibbs and I were ready and went for our walk. It was warm already. The sky was cloud-filled so when Bill left, he did not disconnect us from power. I had a bit of cleaning to do, the floors in particular, so took care of that and helped M back home post an ad on Kijiji. Then I walked over to join Susan & Nancy and finish that pretty puzzle. Sadly, there are 3 pieces missing.

Still a pretty picture
I enjoyed this one.

Back home, I changed into my shorts and sat outside with my book. I’m not sure, without going back in my posts, if I told you about the book I started. It is a thick book called The Other Side of the Story by Marilyn Keyes. Well, I’m 95 pages in and had to finally close it for good. It’s a dumb story – a 31 yr. old single lady’s reactions to her Mom’s reaction to the man of the house leaving for another younger woman. The Mom, I understand, but the daughter? Come on! Stupid story.

I love how this picture turned out.

I went to my cupboard and brought out one I know I’ll enjoy. Getting back into the mystery genre, Sue Grafton’s Q is for Quarry will keep me reading. I’ve read a few of hers, not in any order so it is a good thing I keep notes! 😊 Bill and I had a chat with Nancy for a while and then lunch was on the agenda. I felt no need to go back to the clubhouse so sat outside again to read (and sneak in a bit of a snooze) in the sun. Beautiful day! While outside, a roadrunner ran through the park but I couldn’t capture him on my camera. Darn!

You can hardly see Nancy
Gibbs loves here and visa versa 💖

FYI, we do have chairs she can sit in
Ha ha

Bill puttered with his planes and I came in for my cup of tea. The winds had picked up with the occasional gust to 17 mph and the white fluffy clouds moved across the blue sky periodically. It was a warm 70F/21C today. Still nice weather in the forecast. Bill had the Check Engine light come on yesterday and this morning in Black Beauty so will go to Blythe to get it checked out in the morning. We don’t take chances with our tow vehicle.

Sometimes your home becomes a work room
The winds made what he was doing a bit difficult

For supper, after Gibbs and I walked the ‘park block’, was chicken pieces and chips. As usual, they were good. Not sure what the evening will bring. I might pop over to see Nancy one more time, she leaves in the morning. This has been a relaxing day yet again. You’d think we were retired! Hoping all goes well with the truck in the morning, we’ll enjoy our evening.

I was hungry so we ate early for once.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. It looks like Gibbs is trying to have Nancy all to himself.
    Hoping everything is good with BB. Blythe and Parker have no loaners, or rentals, but Yuma does.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Gibbs is such a character!!! I'm chuckling at the plane in the kitchen, but it's the perfect work space, yes??

  3. Good luck with the truck. You definitely don't want to be without it.

  4. Hopefully the fix on the truck is not too expensive. Gibbs is too adorable! :)

    1. Oh, it probably will be but it still needs to be taken care of. Thank you, Shirley.

  5. Sure hope that Black Beauty is okay and if it isn't just a glitch that the repair isn't too expensive. My goodness Gibbs looks so big sitting on Nancy's lap.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. It is expensive but it has to be taken care of.