Saturday, February 24, 2024

A Book Day, Clouds and Warmth

Park Place RV Park

On Saturday, Feb. 24th we woke up to cloudy skies but warm air. It is lovely to see and feel the 53F/12C when we wake up at 7. Bill got ready for the field and Gibbs and I went for our walk – after my tea, of course. 😊 

Good morning!

I really didn’t have anything on the agenda, with a few things playing on my mind this morning. I played my on line Wordle games and then walked over for a chit chat with Patti and Rick. Such nice down to earth folks.

This common desert shrub is everywhere around us
and needs some mention because it is quite pretty

Meet the Brittlebush
Bees and butterflies love them

Back home, I read, and read and read. Oh my, this Sue Grafton book is a page turner! I should have moved outside as I found it warm indoors with Gibbs sitting on my lap, beside me, back and forth with Daddy etc. However, I stayed put in my recliner, being lazy until the last page was turned. A very good story. I have one more, T is for Trespass, of hers so that is next. There are still quite a few of the alphabet that I have not read.

It was a lazy reading day and Gibbs kept
me company in Daddy's chair when he wasn't on our laps.

Bill and I moved outside for Happy Hour with our drinks. I blended ice with my beer margarita and oh, wow! That is the way I’ll drink them from now on. So, delicious with a salted glass rim. We chatted, across the site line, with Patti and Rick talking about weather, bugs, wind, back home and drinks for a bit before settling in our chairs. Gibbs and I had our walk before 4 and then I started supper.

The sky when we had our afternoon walk.

I love how the beer margarita turned out blended.
It did settle after a while, should have got a picture of that too. Yum!

Tonight, it is boneless chicken breasts, potatoes, and mixed vegetables. I should have made a keto dessert but that book was more important today. 😊 

After realizing this was too much chicken for me,
I'm glad there was no dessert!

Our temperatures over the rest of the month range between 74F/24C to 80F/27C with a drop down for a couple of days in the high 60’s/teens so we are home free as far as the cooler weather. Yay, finally!

We just sat down to eat and I peeked to 
see what the sun was doing.
Just caught a glimpse of it setting.

After we finished eating, things got good.

Beautiful, a painter's paradise.

This has been a lazy day but a good one. I hope you can say the same.

This is looking to the northeast.
It seems too cloudy for the full moon at this point.
I'll keep watch this evening. 
Good night!

Thanks for popping in.


  1. I hope your weather holds. It's darn cold up here!! I hope that's not HOT chicken!! LOL

  2. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. I remember my mom reading Sue Grafton's books - I remember she had a number of the earlier part of the series.

    1. It is indeed.
      Yes, we've maybe read about 5 only, just as i can find them.

  3. It is nice when the story of a good book grabs you to the end. I think you are a fast reader? I guess Gibbs just gave it and thought oh well :-)

  4. Each time I read your post I think what a decadent time you're having down there, just relaxing in the heat! Often I envy you. That Brittlebush is pretty.

    1. Especially now with the warmer weather.
      Brittlebush is pretty.

  5. Lazy days are wonderful and we all need those. The bush is lovely, I wonder if we can grow them up here...doubtful though.

    God bless.

    1. The Bush wouldn't grow back home either. Too cold in the winter.