Wednesday, February 7, 2024

The Horses Win! Cool, Windy Day

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Feb. 7th we were all up around 7:15. Bill and Gibbs were out earlier but I never heard a thing. Not Momma’s boy anymore, Gibbs stayed downstairs with his papa. Little turncoat! Ha ha. It was another windy, windy day, each day providing us with cause to be watchful of our gazebo. At least no rain was in today’s forecast but it was 50F/10C this morning, feeling like about 43F/6C!

Our 8 am sky
Good morning!

Gibbs and I walked and we walked fairly fast, even running along the back forty to get warm and to get home faster. Oh, I guess that was my idea not his. Bill wasn’t going anywhere today so after my tea and playing my games, I left the boys at home and walked over to tackle the puzzle. The other ladies were working on it so I joined in until noon hour. It was coming along quite nicely and I knew we would not be moving it to the other table. Yes!

The sky cleared up nicely later in the morning
This was the same walk, just facing the north.

For lunch, Bill and I had turkey sandwiches and they were good! There is enough for a couple more nights of suppers. While they dozed, I went back over and carried on at the puzzle. Susan joined in when she could and by 4 pm, the last piece fell into place. 😊 I know I almost gave up early on but was glad that we stuck it out to finish it. I don’t care to see it on any table of mine again! LOL The next one I’ve chosen, should be easier with lines in the picture to follow. You’ll see.

Tadah!! We did it!

Back home, I dug up Gibbs' bone
and brought it inside for him. He buried it
a few times, clumsily, and found it, buried it etc. 
Finally, we noticed he bit it in half and ate it all up. 
Here, you can see it took precendence over poor Stuffy.

Back home, Bill and I each had a cup of tea and then Gibbs and I journeyed around the park in the cold wind. Brrr. We did actually reach 60F/16C and the sun was warm but it sure didn’t feel like that with the winds. 

Our afternoon walk. A quick one but the sun was

I thought it would be a special 'after' sunset but it
didn't warrant me running outside in the chilly air.

For supper, Bill cooked himself fries, I reheated the last of the spaghetti with garlic knots for me and he had a hot turkey sandwich with gravy. Still more turkey for another night and we emptied a dish from the fridge. 😊

A leftover supper, tasty and filling. 

This has been a good day. Nothing too exciting but getting that horse puzzle done was a bonus! I kept an eye on the east sky tonight but after the sun dropped, there was nothing special to take a picture of. Besides, running outside was not something I wanted to do tonight. Finding a movie on tv was definitely IN the agenda for the evening though.

I know one of my readers will appreciate this picture.
The strong winds from the southwest had a few
Old Glory's standing at attention. 
Enjoy, Shirley!
Good night!

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  1. Windy and cool here today as well. Wind tomorrow too.


  2. Great job on the puzzle.
    Without the Humidity, the Winds do feel colder in the desert.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. It's just too funny this Gibbs buries his bones, even in the house!! Poor stuffy is feeling lonely!! LOL

  4. Well done on the puzzle! Fingers crossed, it warms up today.

  5. Finally got to my steak last night - wish I had a garlic knot to go with it!
    Congrats on finishing the horses!

  6. Really, I always find it slightly amazing at how much cooler a wind makes things feel.

    God bless.

  7. It's been cold here too, even got snow last night. The spaghetti looks yummy and doesn't' it always taste better leftover? Thanks for the picture, she is beautiful especially x3! :)

    1. Snow! Yeuch, eh? I know you don't mind it as much. Yes, leftover spaghetti is almost as good.
      Knew you'd like the picture.

  8. Hi, Patsy!

    Not so much into Superbowl stuff, but will watch the movie 'Black Sunday' (1970) while enjoying a Mexican Torta, 'take-out' dinner this Sunday.

    Recommended as a great movie starring Bruce Dern at his 'creepinest' best!

    --Nancy K, you will really enjoy it!--

    Also featuring Robert Shaw (captain of the boat in 'JAWS')

    The movie has a frightening resemblance to today's news/events.

    Enjoy reading your blog every day.

    'Thinking Is The Best Way to Travel'
    - Moody Blues

    Chicago Robert

  9. Thanks CR, I'll check the movie out, if i can get it.
    Thanks for reading along!