Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Where Did the Day Go? Last Night’s Distraction

Park Place RV Park

Well, for one, we woke up on Monday, Feb. 12th (already!!) and got moving by 7:15. It was looking like a lovely day on the horizon and we have another clear sunny sky. Ssssh, don’t want to jinx anything! We disconnected from power to let our solar system foot the bill. 😊 Bill left for the flying field and Gibbs and I got out for our walk. There was frost on the pumpkin, er, I mean Black Beauty’s roof but just a tease. It was 37F/2.7C.

Good morning!
Beautiful, huh?

At 9, I walked over to the clubhouse, pool stick in hand. My plan was to put a few more pieces in the puzzle but our pool instructor, 😊, was there to offer a couple of tips to Patti and I. Every little bit helps and we tried to soak it all in! There were 5 players today and we had a great time. When we broke up at noon, I was tied for second with Sheila and I think the majority of us won at least one game.

This is more like it

I could feel the warmth of the sun when I walked back home although the wind is still chilly. Bill had been home once and gone back out for propane, diesel and to fill our large bottle of water. Unfortunately, diesel has taken a jump in price at the Arco and is now $3.95/gal. We were sitting at ½ tank and have tried not to get below that, just because of the cost it takes to fill our thirsty beast. Of course, now the price will likely drop again and that would still be a good thing. 😊

Coming along nicely

We had our lunch together, ham and cheese sandwiches, and I went back to work on the puzzle this time. I new it would be an easier one and I’m enjoying it. I returned home around 3:30 and played my games on line while having a cup of tea. Gibbs and I got out for our walk and for supper Bill grilled the last burger and 2 wieners for me. Every so often, I love a hot dog and today was the day.

Walmart didn't have the Keto seeded bread but
they offered this one instead.
It is thicker slices but only 1 net gram of carbs.
It's good!

With the buns warmed in the oven, I ate both and shared a memory with my Sweetie about our Saturday night meals at home with Mom and Daddy and my siblings. It was an easy meal for Mom, hot dogs, the wieners cooked in water in the bottom and an old-fashioned steamer that sat on top to steam the buns. They were the best dogs ever and these tonight, tasted very much like them. Yum!

Our little prince, watching Daddy, on my left,
as he cuts cheese for our meal
Just like our Clemson, (who waited at our feet ♥) Gibbs doesn't miss a trick
when the package comes out of the fridge. He nonchalantly
watches from the chair.♥

I sat to work on my blog but things were moving slow (my laptop) and when Bill found a new game show on tv – I got distracted. I closed it up and we binge watched all 6 episodes of The Floor with Rob Lowe. It was a fun game that we were able to participate in from the comfort of our recliners and it was nice for all 3 of us to sit and watch something together for one night. 😊 It was 10:30 when they ended and Gibbs and I went to bed.

They were yummy!
Good night!

This was a good day and it seemed to go by quickly. Looking forward to more warmth and sunshine in the days ahead. We reached a high of 63F/17, feeling more like 60F but we should be back in the 70’s starting Wednesday.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Nothing but sunny skies ahead. Thank goodness. I was a out ready to pack and go home.

  2. I watched The Floor last week! Fun game show! I put hot dog in bun then wrap in paper towel and zap it for 45 sec. = only way I cook them now. I cut the hot dog up and add into the baked beans = cook them together. Don't think I've cooked them seperately. May try that way! Thx.

  3. Maybe if Gibbs looks sweet enough, sort of like he's starving, SOMEONE will give him a tiny piece of cheese!!! LOL