Tuesday, February 27, 2024

What Can I Say? These Days are Great. Another Birthday.

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Feb. 27th, my grandson, Nathan, Patrick’s son, turns 14. I don’t see much of Nate, just circumstances, so my memories with him are mostly when he was a few years younger. I have some fond ones and hope to see him more in his teen years. 😊 Before the day was over, they both called to thank us for the card and cash.πŸ’– It was great to hear their voices. 

He's not a little boy anymore.
Happy Birthday, big guy! At 14,
Nate is now 5' 10"!

We were up by 6:30 and going about our day. I hopped in the shower right away and Bill set about doing the banking. Our government pensions went in this morning and he did the usual money transfer from Cdn to US so we know what we have and don’t have to live off this month. He’s good at that stuff and always relays to me where we stand. He went to the flying field for a bit at 8:30ish, Gibbs and I walked and then I walked over to work on the puzzle.

A lovely day on the horizon

Gibbs had a grooming appointment at 10:30 so everything we did was based around that. With one vehicle down here, things are different than at home, obviously. 



We dropped the little fluffy guy at The Animal House and went to see if my parcel arrived at Moon Mountain Mail yet. Nope, no fault of theirs, it has been delivered ‘somewhere’ and the post office can’t even find it. Serves me right, I guess, for ordering from China. LOL


International tracking numbers don’t show up on the post office website. Grrr. I have more bad luck with parcels down here……..one reason to miss home. We have one mailing address and I never have a problem. Back home, we had lunch and then went and picked Gibbs up at 12:30. A different puppy he is after a cut and he’ll feel so much better now that it is heating up. I went back to the puzzle and left the boys to doze.

It's starting to look like the picture now. 

I returned home around 3ish and after Gibbs’ walk and a stop in the dog park here, Bill and I had a Happy Hour drink together. It was a nice day and today we had sun 98% of the time. Beautiful! 

All he does at the park, is sniff and sniff.
Can you see him?

A never fail burger tonight

for 'dessert', I had a piece of warmed fry bread
with butter and honey. πŸ’Ÿ

For supper, Bill grilled our bacon cheeseburgers and they were, as always, delicious. It’s early as I write this so not sure what the evening will bring but it will be relaxing and it will be together. We love this life, even if we’re not in the same room, we are enjoying each other and our peaceful lifestyle. 😊

I think someone is knackered tonight
after his ordeal today. ♥
good night!

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  1. Belated Birthday Wishes to Nathan. They grow so fast.
    Gibbs looks totally different but I'm certain he's more comfortable with the higher temperatures. I always joke the dogs are checking their P Mail.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Happy Birthday to Nathan! I'm willing to bet he's starting to think about being old enough to drive.
    Enjoy that sunshine!

  3. Happy birthday Nathan!!! The puzzle is coming along nicely and of course Gibbs looks quite spiffy!!! He will be much cooler now!!!

  4. Hard to believe he's 14 already! I remember him as a little guy, time sure flies! Gibbs looks adorable! Burger and fry bread looks extra yummy!

  5. Happy birthday Nathan! I'm sure Gibbs feels good with the haircut. Yesterday I got my hair trimmed. The beautician had the AC on and it felt good.

  6. Happy Birthday to your grandson. They grow up so very fast. I bet Gibbs feels so much better after his haircut.

    God bless.