Thursday, February 15, 2024

Rounding up the Week, Almost

Park Place RV Park

What a lovely morning again when we woke up on Thursday, Feb. 15th.  We were all downstairs by 7:15 and just before Bill left for the field, Gibbs and I headed out for our walk. He gobbled up his breakfast as soon as we returned. After he checked the Suite for his Daddy though. 😊

I was lucky enough to see ths when I opened our blinds
Now that's a 'Good Morning!'

It was still pretty when Gibbs and I went out 
I can't get over the grass in the horseshoe pits,
soon, there will be a need for a lawnmower!

At 9, I took my pool cue over to the clubhouse to prepare for our poker pool games. There were 7 of us today so that was a great turnout! There were two ties in the final tally, needless to say Sheila and I tied second to last. We all had fun though and parted ways a few minutes before noon. Sheila made a spice cake in a Bundt pan for today and yum, it was delicious!

She didn't think it was great, but I loved
the two small pieces I had. 

Noon hour, a lovely day.
The flag across from us is hardly moving.

Bill was home and we had lunch together, checking our grocery list. He had a quick snooze while I played some silly word games beside him. We left for Walmart in Parker just after 1 and found all but 2 items on the list. Pleased with the final pay out, we beelined for home and got the food put away. 

The drive to Parker.
Whenever we see smoke in the desert, we worry
but this turned out to be nothing but a small ground fire.
Too many rv's have gone up in flames lately.

Grass in the desert - crazy unusual

Our fridge, freezer and cupboards are full again. They didn’t have my keto bread today, so I’m bummed about that. That’s twice they’ve disappointed me BUT I did get extra yogourt! 😊

Views of Parker
We got stopped by a train today.

Back home by 3:30, I sat outside with Bill and Gibbs until 4:15. Adele and Susan said the puzzle was almost done so once the ukelele practice was over, I went back until it was time for supper. There were still quite a number of pieces left but by 5:30, it was done. One piece is missing, disappointing, but I mark where it is on the box and take it home for Donna and Gerry anyway. They can decide if they want to do it.

One piece missing, too bad.

Supper was bbq’d pork chops, grilled potatoes and our vegetable. It was very good and we had some of those yummy sandwich chip pickles on the side. Gibbs and I went for our quick walk while it was grilling and the evening was a quiet one in front of the tv. We have reached the middle of February, which is ridiculously hard to believe but the weather has finally warmed up. 

for those unfamiliar with F, the highs range
between 20 - 25C.

The forecast is looking awesome!

Our late afternoon walk.
Should have been a nice 'after' sunset but I missed it
if there was.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit. What a great day!


  1. Love the weather forecast. Beautiful colors in the morning and at evening. A day to enjoy.

  2. The cake looks delicious! So glad the weather is starting to warm up. I'm tired of shivering.

  3. Grass in the desert? We like it! 😋 Nice that you are getting some warm weather now. We got our snow back yesterday.... pull out the shovels and boots again. It makes everything look clean and fresh though.

  4. Puzzle finished!! Nice job! OH that cake would be perfect with my coffee right now!!
    Finally got our winter weather back!! :):)

  5. Love the sound of your weather. Shame that a piece went missing for the puzzle.

  6. That cake looked so good. 77 today in Wellton. 79 over the weekend. Nice weather to sit outside and read my book.

  7. No wind means Bill can go and let his planes fly to his heart contents! We all enjoy the great weather.

  8. Sorry for the missing puzzle piece, wonder where on earth it went. Hey, anything baked in a Bundt pan is sure to taste wonderful.

    God bless.

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