Sunday, February 25, 2024

Laundry Day! Warmer Still 😊

Park Place RV Park

On Sunday, Feb. 25th, we slept in a bit because Gibbs did. He is the alarm for Bill and they didn’t get up until about 6:15. I remained in bed until closer to 7 while Bill had his shower. My sweetie sorted the dirty laundry for me today. How nice! We decided to wash the chair quilts as well so Bill loaded the clothes into the basket and carried it over. I carried the quilts and bath towels. 😊

Good morning!!

This is looking west.
Didn't matter where you looked at 6:45 am.
It was crazy beautiful.

It was 7:10 and I used up all 3 washers today for a change. Early bird… know. When I walked back to swap the clothes to the dryers, I’d seen both Rick and Patti and was able to wish them a safe and fun, well-deserved mini vacation. Bill left for the flying field and Gibbs and I went for our ‘around the park’ walk. It was a nice sleep last night with many windows open and the duvet half turned down. The fresh air was wonderful.

When Gibbs and I walked at 7:45, still
pretty but quite the change.

By the time things were dried, (I opted to dry the quilts today rather than hanging them), I realized that when everything was folded, that laundry basket was way over-loaded! I should have made two trips but didn’t want to leave clothes sitting there. I made it without the basket breaking. Phew! 😊 I finished my cup of tea and sewed a button on Bill’s shirt before going back with a coffee to the clubhouse.

Morning progress
Afternoon progress.

I have chosen a Thomas Kincaide puzzle this time that a friend gave me. It’s another pretty picture. I had the border done and a bit of the sky by noon hour when I returned home. Bill and Gibbs were waiting. We had lunch, chicken salad on seeded keto bread for me, and then I went back to the puzzle. It is appearing to be fairly easy although I won’t say that too loud. It may backfire. LOL

We had a visit from Sheila and Gibbs
had to be up close and personal.
Thank you Sheila for your patience with him.

At 3:15, I came home and sat outside with my book and a beer margarita. I think this will be another good story. Sheila popped by for a visit and then G and D brought us some homemade fry bread. 

A new book and a margarita

This is a recipe that I’ve only ‘heard’ about and never tried so I was looking forward to some with supper. We had grilled sausages, leftover fried potatoes and veggies plus FRY BREAD! It was yummy, warmed up with butter.

A nice supper 

We cleaned up and Gibbs fell asleep at my feet and Bill went upstairs to watch tv while I wrote my post for today. This has been a nice day reaching a high of 79F/26C under mostly cloudy skies. Windows will be open again tonight as it is only dropping to 61F/15C.

When Gibbs and I walked, the sun was
disguised but I still recognized it.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. That Sunrise was Awesome! Too bad it did not stay that way all day.
    Gibbs seems to be laying claim to all your visitors.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the weather.

    It's about time.

  2. Don't show this picture to Benji will be a bit jealous he will be upset that another dog was in my lap

  3. The morning sky was absolutely stunning.
    My daughter makes fry bread occasionally, it is very delicious.

  4. Love those sunrises!! Frybread ... YUM. You just can't say no to Mr. Gibbs ... he's such a happy camper and loves everyone!!!!

  5. Magical sunrise when everything turns pink. Wonderful pictures!
    Gibbs likes to get his picture taken! :)

  6. I don't recall reading any books from Sue Grafton, but you said the last book you read from her was good. Let me know if this one is also a page turner and I will look for them to read too.

  7. The weather seems pretty stable on your blog!

  8. That's the weather we are enjoying...cloudy but very warm.

  9. What a magnificent sunrise! Such nice weather you are having. I have never had fry bread and have often thought about making some.

    God bless.