Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Clean Sweep – I Mean, Clean Suite

Park Place RV Park

On Wednesday, Feb. 28th we were late getting up. 7:30 for us is late and we really had nothing pressing going on. Bill did head off to the flying field before 8:30 and Gibbs and I went for our walk. My job today was to clean our home. The Suite is looking mighty dusty this morning so I guess I have neglected giving it a good cleaning.

Good morning

I dusted top to bottom, including window screens and then got the vacuum out to do that job. Dusting forces me to put things away that we put on the hutch, entertainment centre and coffee table so afterwards, the place just looks better. A clean Suite! 😊 

Gibbs checks out the Brittlebush

Then, I took my coffee cup over to the clubhouse to work on the puzzle. It was morning coffee over there so I figured there would be coffee left, even at 10. There was.


I worked away until noon hour in between conversations with Sheila and watching G & S play pool. It was a good morning. Bill and I had lunch and then I went back. I surprised myself and finished the puzzle! The pieces just started falling into place easily. It’s a lovely Thomas Kincaid picture too. I was home by 3 and sat outside in the gazebo with my book.

Our sleek little boy in his St. Patrick's neck scarf

No complaints about this day

At 5, we drove to The Yacht Club for supper. Saturday is their last day, they are closing for good. That is unfortunate for us because we’ve basically just started going there to eat this winter. They were out of a lot of items crossed off the menu, one being our first choice of Fish & Chips, so we found another entrΓ©e that suited us just fine. Bill had a blt with their delicious fries and I had a chicken Caesar salad. Both meals were great!

I hope someone takes this club over

We were on our way home by 6:15, before Karaoke, and watched an episode of American Idol. This has been a nice day, reaching another high temperature with mostly clear blue skies. There were more winds today but it felt great to me. 😊

My chicken Caesar salad looked different than others
but it was quite yummy with lots of chicken, croutons and bacon.

Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. Blessings to you my friends

  2. I noticed the brittle bush was starting to bloom when we drove through Quartzite on our way to Lake Havasu over a week ago, it is such a pretty bushg ... but even more important is your comment that the Yacht Club is closing for good!!! That is so sad and I'm so happy we bought our membership many years ago, it has afford us (and many of our friends and family as our guests) the opportunity to go to the Kelowna Yacht club without having to pay their very high priced membership.

    1. That bush is very pretty, glad I finally looked up the name!
      When I say the Yacht Club closing I meant the restaurant The Yacht Club - hope I didn't confuse you or anyone. It is sad as we loved their food after only two visits. :(

  3. Shame about the restaurant. That's a lot of chicken on a Ceasar salad!
    The flowering bush looks very pretty!

  4. Sad the restaurant is closing. What? No missing puzzle pieces???? Good job girls!!

    1. Correct, no missing piece! The girls pretty much left me on my own to do this one. A bit of help was nice though.

  5. That chicken looks great with your mini salad! Love the puzzle - good job!

    1. I've never seen such big pieces of chicken in a caesar salad before. ♥
      thank you, the puzzle was fun.

  6. The restaurant probably ran out of salad but had lots of chicken ;-)

    1. Ha! That could very well be but I think that is how they make them.

  7. Oh yum, I love Chicken Caesar salad and that looks like they did not skimp on the chicken.

    That puzzle is lovely and you got it together so quickly.

    God bless.

  8. The salad looks tasty.
    Sad the Yacht Club is closing. Been there many times.
    Lots of work on that puzzle.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The YC waitress asked Bill if he wanted to buy the club. :) She was cute. They are hoping someone picks it up.