Thursday, February 29, 2024

Looking After Black Beauty, Fun and Games

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Feb. 29th we wake up at 6:30 to greet the last day of the month. Bill was in and out of the shower first thing and then at 7:45, he was on his way to Blythe. Finn Ford called Tuesday that they had the part in for Black Beauty and they could work on it today.

My usual Good Morning picture was blurry
Look instead at this house wren sitting atop the Ocotillo cactus. 

In short, it is a circuit sensor that monitors the matter in the exhaust filter, which in turn sends a message when the exhaust filter needs to be cleaned. It cost enough, all in all, but she’s worth it and is quite necessary. 😊 They offered to bring Bill home if it would be a long time in the shop but as it turned out, he was home by 11.

Wootwoot!! She's so shiny!

Bill was there early enough to get BB washed and mostly waxed before they called him in. She hasn’t looked this good in a long time.   She’s blushing. Meanwhile, Gibbs and I walked and then I went to play poker pool. There were 6 of us today and I tied for second place. I was doing good for the first 4 games and then it went downhill from there!

Hot and delicious w/cream cheese icing and butter

Bill moved BB into the shade so he could finish 
the 2-step waxing process

We supervised

I was home around noon and Bill and I splurged and had Pillsbury cinnamon buns for lunch. Oh my, tasty and filling. The rest of the afternoon was spent being first assistant to the Fresh Air Inspector (Gibbs). 

in between dozes

We were watching Bill finish waxing the truck. By the time he finished, I could set my hair and makeup in the gloss! 😊 Gibbs and I went for our walk before 4 and then it was time for a cup of tea. I’d been reading my book outside too, in the sun, and it was lovely.

Cuddles with Daddy after a job well done.

There was a wind from the southeast today but it didn’t bother the gazebo enough to warrant pulling the top down. Bill has his night flying this evening but with his lighted planes all packed away, he’ll just go to support others. 

A loaded Western

Yummy on keto bread

Supper, when he returned, was toasted westerns for a change and we’ll find something either on tv or in the pages of our books to entertain ourselves tonight. This was a nice day with sunny skies and warm 75F/24C temperatures.

From our back window the sun set without fanfare.
Good night!

Thank you for the visit.


  1. Hi, You know me I am catching up. Sounds like you too have been having some nice relaxing days just enjoy life. Nice to hear the weather is getting warmer. I do not think I have ever seen a bird sitting on a Ocotillo. As we head east I am still seeing Ocotillos but they look brown. I wonder if Gibbs enjoys his grooming as much as I enjoy having by hair cut and Keep enjoying your days.

    1. Hi Deb! 👋
      Thankyou, we are very happy about the warm up too.
      I see not seen a bird on them either and knew you, for one, would get a kick out of it.
      I'm sure Gibbs feels wonderful. At least i hope so!!

  2. Love those cinnamon rolls!!! BB looks quite spiffy!

  3. I was wondering at Bill having packed away some of his planes - I guess that means, now that we're into March, that the countdown is starting for the trip home.
    Enjoy your days there!

    1. He had to move them around all winter so it is nice that now he has only one out to fly. Yes, the planning has begun.

  4. Glad that BB is all fixed and will see you home safely.
    Gibbs looks like he is bored and needs something to do.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your remaining time.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. Understanding Gibbs' looks is an art. Ha ha
      He is in total Supervisory mode and relaxing mode here. :)

  5. BB looks absolutely gorgeous. So shiny.

    I love western sandwiches and yours looks amazing.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, if trucks could smile, BB would be. :)
      They were a quick and tasty meal for sure