Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Mixed Bag of Weather, Puzzle Progress, Sunday Meal on Tuesday

Park Place RV Park

On Tuesday, Feb. 6th we all slept in. With rain in the forecast today, Bill had no plans to go flying. We didn’t get up until 7:45, he showered, Gibbs and I went for our morning walk and we parted ways. I went to the clubhouse puzzle and he went to the field to take a picture of work he’d done at the field. If you haven’t already, you can follow up on his blog what he has been busy at.

Good morning!
Varying skies all day long today.

Susan and I worked on the puzzle and had many ‘ah-hah!’ moments with pieces falling into place. 😊 Small accomplishments, big joy. Bill and I had lunch together, a treat of bacon and eggs for a change and then I went back over to the puzzle. The ladies, well and one manr, played Pokeno while I carried on. The horses are taking shape and by the time I left at 4, it was a huge accomplishment. Yay!

Our little ham.

Trying and succeeding to be cute

The weather today has been a mixture. Sun, cloudy, light rain spatters, light and strong winds and then the same all over again. No rainbow, here at least. At 4:30, I took Gibbs for his walk as we knew with those dark clouds to the west, we would soon be experiencing even more ‘weather’. It was already quite windy. Back home, I put a boneless turkey breast roast in Madame IP for supper. With no potatoes in the house, woops, I made up a box of Stovetop stuffing and we had a vegetable of our choice.

A huge change after today's puzzling. 😍

These are the better skies of the day

Oh wow, supper was really good. Bill had run out and pulled the top down on the gazebo since the winds increased to 19 mph with 26 mph gusts. Once the rain started, we kept an eye and after the winds died down around 6:30, he popped it back up to get the rain out. It was a mild 50F/10C and going to be dropping only a few degrees overnight. This has been a nice day.

And from the west, this
is what's coming.

Looks nasty but it wasn't as bad as what
CA received over the last day and a half.

We received a call today that put a smile on our faces. Hopefully, we’ll get an opportunity to meet up with our good friends soon. 😊

A wonderful meal with leftovers too!
good night!
Stay safe.

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Gibbs seems to need more attention with his pleading eyes.
    Wish we had your temps next week.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    1. He sure does. Loves posing.
      It will be cool here but still better than home.

  2. Crazy weather! We had really strong winds ... I had to take the satellite dish down. Dinner looks delicious!

  3. Rain arrived here in early evening.....wind also. Your steak looked so good ......mine is thawing right now ~ for tonight!! :) Your dinner tonight looks wonderful / Gibbs is a cutie!!

    1. As Nancy says, crazy weather!
      Thanks, the meals are very good.

  4. Gibbs is very photogenic. The dark clouds to the west definitely looked menacing. Glad it wasn't too bad.

    1. Thanks, we got lucky with the weather.
      Gibbs is a real little show off. 💓

  5. Gibbs is so adorable! Dinner looks oh so yummy!

  6. With those crazy wind gusts I think Bill's planes would fly by themselves without motor ;-) Nice looking dinner and fitting for that kind of weather.

  7. Gibbs is just so photogenic. Great meal for a cool and rainy day. Awesome work on that puzzle.

    God bless.