Thursday, February 22, 2024

On the Road Again, Pool, Beautiful Day

Park Place RV Park

On Thursday, Feb. 22nd we were all up again by 7. Funny that after saying how I slept through until 5:30 each morning, I was awake at 2:50 this morning. What’s with that? I did drop off again after my brain filled with ‘things’ as it tends to do. I know I’m not alone in that. I joined Bill downstairs for my tea and rather than leaving for the field today, we watched to see Nancy’s progress in pack up. She is on the road again, this time heading for home.

A lovely day for a drive, Nancy.
Good morning!

It was around 7:45 after goodbye hugs that she pulled her Reflection out of the site. Bye, Nancy, see you in the new year! 😊 We’ve spent some nice days with her and enjoy every one. 

You know what Gibbs is thinking.
"Are you leaving ME again?"

Gibbs and I went for our walk and Bill left around 8:10 for Blythe, Ca. Finn Ford was his destination. On the way back home, Gibbs and I invited G over to the Suite. I showed him where things were and the ‘look after the house’ routine. He is going to keep an eye on Gibbs tomorrow while we go away for the day – if it all works out for Black Beauty.

She's off! Safe travels!
Gibbs early on checked her site for her. ♥

I went to the clubhouse for Poker Pool around 9:10 and today there were just 5 of us again. The cards were not in everyone’s favour and other that D winning with a low score of 3 (THREE!) after 6, 7 games?, the rest of us pulled high numbers. I came in second place with a margin between us of 15. That’s crazy, she left us in the dust for sure. Bottom line, we laughed a lot and had a lot of fun playing. 😊 I returned home at noon and Bill filled me in on his morning adventure.

She's a big plane with 86" (?) wing span.

Over lunch he filled me in that BB has to go back once a part is in and our pocket book will take a big hit by the time all is done. The diagnostic alone is $200 US. It is at the point that it doesn’t matter. She needs to be fixed. No question. Thank you all for your concerns and wishes. There was no puzzle and today was not the day to start one, so I stayed home with my book. I’m enjoying this weather as it means I can sit outside to read. This one is a winner.

Another warm 73F/23C day. 💗

Gibbs prefers sitting out on the chair
where he can keep an eye on Daddy.
I'm in the gazebo, by the way.

Bill brought his plane in for more ‘puttering’ (he knows what he’s doing and I don’t need to) while I got comfy in the sun. We planned a simple bacon and eggs supper tonight after his night flying and he left at 5:15. This afternoon I had a small glass of beer margaritas. A small glass is about all I can handle anyway, they are pretty potent for a ‘near-non’ drinker like me! 😊

Grasping the last of the sun's rays.

It's very comfortable in there.

This has been a great day, fun and quiet too. Gibbs and I got out for a walk before supper and he got lots of attention from our neighbours, of course. Little love bug.

I'm writing my blog and he's behind me
watching out. 
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Nothing goes on without Gibbs knowing about it, that's for sure!!!

  2. Darn, I was hoping BB would be an easy fix. But, as you say, it has to be done. Good luck!

  3. Nice picture of Nancy! Also the last pic of Gibbs!

  4. Must have missed the BB issue? Whatever it is, hope it gets done and you are safe driving.

  5. Ford = Fix Or Repair Daily

  6. It used to be, the Diagnosis would be deducted from the job. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Sorry that the Black Beauty fix is going to cost a bit. Like you say though it needed doing. Gibbs certainly keeps an eye on things.

    God bless.